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Ethical Problem

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Edwards avows, “I had not do with any money staying paid, without knowledge of anything being paid out, and if anything was paid, it was not being paid on my account. ” (Schwartz, Ross, and Francescani, 2008).

Today, Edwards is now the main topic of a federal grand jury investigation which is taking a look at whether there have been false studies in how funds by Edwards’ plan or one of these groups were spent, if any money was passed from the recipient to Hunter, and whether any campaign or non-profit funds was invested in providing a personal benefit (MacGillis, 2009). The comments of a former Edwards’ advocate illustrate the gravity of his wrong doings. Instead of providing her standard contributions to charities annually such as a company that passes low-income families and an additional that rescues abandoned pets, she made a decision to give the funds to Edwards’ campaign in ’07 and ’08 (Henneberger, 2009). The lady said, “I did that as a result of promises selection that I presumed. But I was lied to, and fundamentally feel like Seems bilked out of a considerable amount of money I’d like back. inches (Henneberger, 2009).

Unfortunately, what common sense dictates, that Edwards is a enfrascarse and a cheat who has misused public funds and violated public trust, is definitely not quickly proven inside the legal system. Ideally, Edwards should be located guilty and stay subject to prison and repayment of all plan funds that he allocated to cover up his illegitimate child. As such, he would not be allowed to practice rules or work for community office. The truth is that he will probably not always be held legally accountable, although hopefully people will not forget the situation and will hold him personally responsible and unsuitable for open public office.


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