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From the beginning of my personal educational job, I wanted to get to the heights of education in the field of my own interest. Since it is the goal of just about every professional being competent in their field of choice, my supreme aim is not only to get the highest degree of education in environment but to be a competent specialist so that I can contribute to this field as well as to the society for the benefit of the general human population. Therefore , I have to do my personal research in a subject that might directly benefit the people the other that the world is in dire need of. As we all know, the planet needs to be stored if we want, not simply our lives to get balanced, yet also to guarantee that the world remains secure and healthful for the future years and I wish to perform my personal part in ensuring that because responsibly as is possible.

I do believe that technological improvements have made all of us highly based upon machines and computers also because of this, I would like to share and improve my knowledge and skills related to information and technology and use them as being a guide and a tool to work for the betterment in the global world as a whole. Thus, earning a doctorate level in Environment seems to be one of the most fitting course for me to select.

I i am interested in doing a doctorate degree in the field of IT so that I can produce some substantial contribution for the society when I pursue my personal career as a professional environmentalist. Although, there is not any direct romance between my own profession as well as the subject through which I want to carry out my analysis but I have made the decision to do my exploration in THAT because technology has now end up being the foundation of every single successful career and only through my thorough knowledge in IT and its application during my profession is exactly what can make a skilled professional once I full my exploration and doctorate degree.

Following my doing my analysis, when I will be working because an environmentalist, I will be facing the mind efforts that are to be made to make the life of the people as well as the mother Earth green. I will be making my contribution in making the world a clean place in many different amounts and will have to target various areas of the culture. I will be working with different multi-national companies, companies that are governed by the federal government and the companies that are non-governmentally governed and also individuals. My own primary aim in my professional career is always to help the previously mentioned parts of the society for making the right choices and decisions pertaining to the environment. Apart from this I would also be organizing and supporting companies and organizations make reports about the dangerous accidents which can be caused because of environmental factors. Another important part of my job would be to offer scientific proof of the new laws and regulations that are released regarding the environment. To fulfill these objectives, it is crucial for me to be familiar with the latest developments that are going around me and so doing my own research in the field of IT can help myself greatly accomplish my desired goals.

As a great environmentalist, I would have a complete day while i

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