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Assess: John Holly Lawrence enter the dock. Place your hand for the Bible and say after me, I swear in truth, whole fact and nothing but the truth. I swear in truth, the whole fact and nothing nevertheless the truth. The Jury have become open to ask you concerns, you will be bound by book to hold to the fact. Jury: That which was you relationship with Romeo? I have been an excellent friend of Romeo ever since he was a little boy.

He has always trusted me personally and he told me items he would not need told to anyone else. Romeo respected me and had taken my advice. I fault myself to get his loss of life and I i am very remorseful. Jury: What part would you enjoy in this tragedy?

I attempted my far better to unite two people who were greatly in love. Yes, I had perform wedding ceremony ceremony although I did this in uberrima fides, I under no circumstances knew what atrocities it might bring about.

I likewise tried to help Romeo and Juliet after they were in trouble. After Romeo was expatriate I helped arrange his escape to Mantua, intended for, you understand it might be possible for those to meet right now there. When I provided Juliet the drug I thought that I was doing the ideal thing. The girl was in a mess, she didn’t want to tell her parents so with my knowledge of herbal remedies I delivered her with the draught. She’d have taken her own existence there and after that if I hadn’t.

When Romeo was dead and Juliet would not keep him We deserted her. I could have saved her life I know but I used to be too cowardly to face approximately my activities. Jury: What were your motives through this tragedy? I wanted to help a good friend to be happy and protect the marriage. I suppose I as well hoped that performing this kind of marriage ceremony could help unite the two edges from their discord. Jury: Whose fault do you consider the deaths are? My spouse and i blame myself more than anyone else. I enjoyed the largest component, however , I guess it would not need happened in the event there has not been many smaller sized things adding.

For example , in the event there experienced never recently been a issue. Nobody was to know that it could end in death. Jury: What part do you consider you were to blame for especially? I was accountable for setting in motion a series of actions that may lead to the marriage, the arrangements for the gatherings and the prescription drugs for Juliet. I did not save Juliet from their self. Judge: Steve Henry Lawrence please keep the pier. Anne Falton please support to the pier. Put your odds on the Scriptures and declare after me personally, I trust to tell the truth, whole truth certainly nothing but the real truth. I claim to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the fact.

The Court are now ready to accept ask you questions, you are destined by the publication to keep for the truth. Court: What was your relationship with Juliet? Very well, I was almost like a second mom to her, I was her moist nurse you already know, she given birth to at the same time since my child Susan whom passed away God rest her soul. I have looked after since. Juliet was always a really nice young lady never performing anything kinky. I was her closest friend the lady used to show me all her secrets nevertheless she didn’t tell me her plan ahead of she passed away. Jury: What part performed you enjoy in this tragedy?

I knew constantly that Juliet had gone away and hitched that Romeo, I hardly ever knew it will come for this. Romeo was a nice fresh chap too. He was not as good-looking or as clever as Paris though, not at all, zero! The only various other matter I had been involved in was organising Romeo’s night with Juliet, that took a lot of getting that performed. Jury: What were the motives with this tragedy? Almost all I wanted was to see Juliet happily married using a nice child. I didn’t have been persuaded to take part in this kind of conspiracy nevertheless Juliet begged and begged me not to tell his Lordship. Jury: Whose wrong doing do you think the deaths will be?

Not acquire and that’s without a doubt, I always declared, that Romeo would business lead her approximately no good, he looked nice all that but he had a look about him. I believe Romeo business lead her into it, he constantly was the awful sort, coming from a Montague along with all that¦ Jury: What part do you think you would be to blame for particularly? It was not anything to perform with me, if I had gone to his Lordship about wedding ceremony she’d have got killed herself sure while sure, such as the good Friar said the girl was heading to¦ Evaluate: Anne Falton, leave the dock. The Jury will leave to visit a decision. one hour later: Consensus: Death simply by Misadventure.


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