Examination of an Advertisement Essay

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Examination of an Ad Every woman wishes diamonds as they are beautiful, rare, and are synonymous with success. There is something about diamonds that make all women want one. Gemstones make a female feel daring, sophisticated, and powerful. Something magazine recently published a diamond ad for A Precious stone Is Permanently. Com.

A Diamond Is Permanently. Com is a website that does not sell gemstones, but displays all the fresh styles of gemstones and how to obtain or create the perfect diamonds for a buyer. In this advertisement they are marketing a new design of diamond ring referred to as the right palm ring. The advertisement is of a young, beautiful female staring immediately at you having a seductive appearance. On her proper had she actually is wearing a glowing, sparkling band that stands out. Underneath in the woman happen to be pictures of four different styles of the diamond right ring.

In the middle of the four images is the text message “YOUR LEFT LOVES CANDLELIGHT. YOUR RIGHT HAND ADORES THE SPOT LIGHT. YOUR LEFT DECLARES THE COMMITMENT. YOUR RIGHT HAND IS A ANNOUNCEMENT OF FREEDOM. WOMEN WORLDWIDE RAISE YOUR RIGHT HANDS.  Following those words and phrases are the company’s slogan “A Diamond Is usually Forever.

 The pictures, textual content, and slogan of this advertisement work together for making it the one that affectively catches the audiences’ attention. The goal of an ad is to promote a product. Evidently, a person flipping through the pages of the magazine will probably be captured by sparkling precious stone and bold text. The advertisement is simple rather than one that is complex and hard to understand. Plus the designer of the ad is aware this. There is nothing more desirable to a girl than a sparkling diamond.

The sparkling diamond catche.. her sight is mesmerizing. For any men, this would take them directly into the ad. Hoping to get the same appearance from his significant other, he’d purchase a diamond for her. Likewise, the ad demonstrates a diamond being a symbol of love.

By talking about candlelight and dedication, romance and love is definitely brought into point of view. The picture of this ad will remind men that diamonds are what every woman wants and that their appreciate will last forever with a acquiring a diamond. When a visitor looks at this ad, she or he is likely to be amazed by it. It is simplicity makes it easy to read and understand. It is boldness holds your interest. And its motto allows you to identify with its concept on a personal note.

Not only does the style on the ad make diamond jewelry look amazing and elegant, although also the written text and slogan make diamond jewelry seem exotic and powerful.

With red characters one . 5 inches extra tall, this advertisements screams Lounger for sale. In this advertisement, the advertisers wish the consumer to market their lounger. It is an auto they are trying to sell me. So why would I want to get rid of the furniture in my home? In small white text message across the underlying part of the two pages, the ad goes on to explain that the only foe of the Nissan Xterra sports utility vehicle is the fluffy cushions of the sofa. How can an automobile manufacturer get buyers to believe that two inanimate objects happen to be natural foes? Moreover, is that really what Nissan wants consumers to think so consumers will choose the Xterra vehicle?

This ad is in the August, 2000 Backpacker magazine and takes up two full web pages. The advertisement is for the new Machine Xterra sport utility automobile. This ad consists of several colors crimson, black, metallic and white. Red is used for most in the words in the advertisement. The red textual content is used to explain how this product can increase the consumers life-style, and some with the features the Xterra offers. The white colored text is supposed to tell the buyer the down side of the Xterra. The only draw back the advertisement email lists is a couch. So the buyers eyes are not really distracted, dark-colored is used as the background color. Silver is the color of the Xterra.

The only text message in the advertisements that is easy to read is Chair for Sale, which is on the left side page, and Nissan Xterra which is in the lower correct corner with the second site. Along with the dark-colored background, each of the pictures are usually dark. The images have fog or some kind of mystical looking clouds in them. Likewise, all of the people in the pictures are wearing dark clothing. All of the lamps appears to be all-natural, it is just that the pictures were taken on gloomy days and in the wilderness. The complete appearance of the advertisement is dark. The choice of colors plus the way the images appear supply the advertisement a glance of threat. For instance, how a trees happen to be blurred while the Xterra speeds down the dirt street.

The large picture of the Xterra displays the pick up truck zooming straight down a dirt street on its way to another adventure. With this advertisement, colour silver have been chosen intended for the Xterra. So , We wonder for what reason Nissan picked boring metallic instead of bright yellow? I do believe it is because Machine feels the Xterra does not be flamboyant. Nissan is trying to persuade the consumer the fact that Xterra is not merely for show. There are many pretty sport utility automobiles out there, the Xterra is known as a rugged pick up truck. In addition , it could also be since silver is one of the top selling shades of autos.

The Xterra is shown zooming straight down a dirt street and heading to the mountains. The advertisers are showing the buyer the rear with the Xterra. Can this always be because the advertisers want the customer to ask what is the protrusion pertaining to? I i am surprised the advertisers left out that very little tidbit info because the Xterra is the just sports utility vehicle to provide the note of first-aid set up. It is located in that protrusion. The Xterra is barreling by the trees and the clouds are moving in over the mountains inside the distance. The windows are tinted therefore the consumer are not able to see inside. However , the buyer can almost imagine that the driver is a rugged person wearing a flannel shirt, green jeans and hiking boots. The person driving a car the Xterra is not really some yuppie Marinite who have a sport utility motor vehicle just to state, I drive a SUV.

There are five smaller photographs in the advertisements. Each photo portrays a different sort of use pertaining to the Xterra. In all of these pictures, the rugged outdoors people are proven pushing themselves to the limit while engaged in a strenuous activity. For example , there exists a mountain motorcycle carefully controlling his huge batch bike around a woods that has dropped across a river. In the picture below the first photo, the huge batch biker is definitely stowing his bike on the interior bike rack located in the cargo area of the Xterra. In addition , the third picture shows four skiers walking their approach up a steep and rocky huge batch slop. All four skiers will be dressed in biting degree weather conditions gear and, the skiers are carrying backpack and the skies. In the forth photo, a man is usually running in the rain along a wooded muddy pile path. The fifth photo is of the runner putting his cruddy stuff inside the exterior products basket located above the the front seats on the roof in the middle of the roof rack with the Xterra.

In this advertisement, Nissan would like the consumer to believe that if he or she has this car there is no limit as to the the consumer can easily do. You cannot find any adventure too large or too small with this sports utility vehicle. If the consumer can image performing something outdoors, the Xterra will take the customer there. This kind of advertisement guarantees to take the customer to in which the trees live.

These promoters know they need to motivate Americans to put throughout the remote and take a try out. Nissan really does not treatment what the customer does with the Xterra following he or she acquires it, just as long as Nissan make money. This ad motivates the consumers by causing them believe that they can whatever it takes. With the Nissan Xterra, I will go everywhere.

In America, the trend is toward sitting in front of some type of computer or tv set and gaining weight. Nissan is a company that is attempting to tell customers the only thing that holds back the Xterra suv best gas mileage is the customers couch. Nevertheless through closer examination, the consumers sofa is certainly not the Xterras enemy. The true enemy in the Xterra is definitely the consumer. The actual consumer that may be too laid back to move away from their sofa and search for an adventure is the authentic enemy with the Xterra.

There is no prejudice in marketing. Businesses will industry to anyone as long as it can make the company cash. Moreover, marketers will stop in nothing given that their methods get consumers to by way of a product. For instance, Camel cigarettes used a cartoon buck named Joe Cool being a marketing ploy. Cartoons appeal mostly to children. With this advertising campaign, the advertiser uses the two reverse mindset and sense of guilt. The reverse psychology is definitely blaming the couch instead of coming proper out and saying the consumer is sluggish. The guilt comes into play when the consumer becomes aware of the fact that they could possibly be lazy.

However in spite of who or what is creating the problem, if the person is going to buy a sports utility vehicle, generate it the Nissan Xterra. Nothing can end the Nissan Xterra. This is no wimpy truck ad. This ad is for the newest Nissan Xterra sports utility vehicle! Dirt, rivers, mountain range, trees, arctic-like temperatures or blizzard conditions, there is no limit as to the this truck can stand. Get off your butt, get off your couch is to do something is what this advertisement is screaming.


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