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P1 describe the kind of business, goal and possession of two contrasting businesses. For this project I am going to select two businesses, one which will be local and not-for-profit organization and the second will be a global business and then for profit. Both the businesses I have chosen to employ for this task are Asda Stores Ltd. and Welcare, Reigate.

Kind of Business:

Asda Shops Limited, typically referred to as ASDA, may be the second most significant retail store and a countrywide public limited company.

This can be a profitable business and it is the subsidiary of American company Wal-Mart. It was founded in 1949. Furthermore since Asda is a profitable business it is also inside the private sector. Welcare is a local non-profit, non-profit corporation.

They make no income out of their work even so do acknowledge forms of donations and fundraisers. The charity was set up by a cathedral over 100 years ago. Had originally been founded in 1894. Furthermore as it a non-profit organization and is offering service it really is in the public sector.

Purpose of the business:

A charitable organization is a band of profitable persons whose goal is to give a service that help those in need. Welcare charity gives services which include social work and family members support, organizations and existence skill training courses and also a little one’s health medical center. They function to keep family members together, and encourage father and mother to give their children a more comfortable childhood.

Asda is a selling supermarket and the purposed of Asda is usually to make profit and to source goods to customers. This sells standard merchandise including food, drink, clothing and various other products. It also features services such since insurance, finance and a mobile telephone network. Organization Ownership and level of responsibility:

Asda started by Associated Dairies & Farm Retailers Limited in 1949. This is situated in Leeds. The company offers limited liability, therefore any debts within the company happen to be paid simply by shareholders investment and this means the owner didn’t have to promote their assets and belonging to shell out the debt. As being a shareholding business you can openly sell stocks, this is an easy way to have money contributed to the company.

Welcare begun in 1894, and was originally named The Diocesan Association to get the Proper care of FriendlessGirls. This provider has limited liability, therefore any personal debt is taken care of and the owners do not have to sell any resources.

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