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Once the link of General Motors, Flint, Michigan is actually a town in disturbance ? turbulence due to polluted drinking water. In spite of dozens of class-action and individual lawsuits, the crisis provides yet being resolved fully. The city of Flint plus the State of Michigan are responsible for applying lead steaming in the town infrastructure, which can be the immediate cause of the lead contamination. Research definitively shows business lead contamination triggers innumerable, irreversible, and often fatal health problems. The Kantian, utilitarian, and egoism ethical perspectives all show that Flint residents deserve justice.

Synopsis of Circumstance

In 2014, the city of Flint, Michigan diverted the towns hydrant from Pond Huron for the Flint River. The ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY and self-employed organizations like Virginia Tech tested the Flint River water and located dangerous amounts of lead in point of contact including in lenders homes (Flint Water Crisis Fast Details, 2017, p. 1). Although the water diversion was designed to preserve the city $5 million, it will end up priced at many millions more to correct the problem, which has caused a dozen deaths and countless various other health problems (Ravve, 2017). Law suits have been recorded, and felony charges against fifteen point out and town officials are also filed (Ravve, 2017). The Flint water crisis signifies egregious problems from multiple ethical parts of view.

Honest Perspectives


Deontological (Kantian) ethics are based on the honest duty to fulfill basic, universal moral requirements. Those codes include these kinds of straightforward ethics like refraining from harming others, respecting others, and helping others. Using the Kantian ethical perspective, the government provides a clear and absolute obligation to restore Flints drinking water quickly. The city and state government have never acted in accordance with their honest duties, offered their primary diversion of the Flint supply to the contaminated river (Flint Water Problems Fast Facts, 2017) and the lack of action taken to mitigate the catastrophe (Ravve, 2017; Moore, in. d. ).


Utilitarianism is based on the principle of maximizing satisfaction and minimizing pain, or creating the greatest good for the highest number of people. It is just a consequentialist point of view. Utilitarian landscapes would deride the Flint crisis, considering the fact that the residents of the whole town of 100, 000 does not have access to clean water and has become exposed to contaminants proven to cause major medical problems (Ravve, 2017). Everything from embrionario deaths, skin rashes

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