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Sampling Strategy and Sample Size in a Research Content

The study by Choi (et al. 2008) entitled “The efficacy of female condom skills training in HIV risk: A reduction among women: A randomized controlled trial” examined the extent where training ladies in how to utilize the female condom at relatives planning treatment centers could potentially encourage the use of this type of birth control. The study population was selected from women attending clinics at several San Francisco Bay Area urban centers (Concord, Mountain View, Santa Cruz, and San Francisco). 409 females elected to participate in the research. The women inside the experimental group experienced a 4-session female condom expertise training involvement vs . The control group which underwent a 4-session women’s general health promotion involvement. Women answered questionnaires for baseline, for 3 months, including 6 months (Choi et approach. 2008: 1841). This is significant because it tensions how the sample size was relatively restricted to a number of elements, namely the women’s existence at treatment centers in very specific geographic areas; their very own willingness to resolve detailed and intimate questions about their lifestyle; and the truth they had some the tendency to take part in relatively time-intensive educational classes.

The sample size appeared to be based upon the number of women the researchers may solicit to participate, given the limits from the study rather than upon the amount of women who joined the center as a whole, which was not known in the research article. The sampling size seems relatively small , specifically given the fact that it was selected from a narrow geographic area and socio-economic group. The women had been mainly low-income, given the simple fact they were relying upon a clinic as their primary method to obtain healthcare. To justify the sample, the researchers note that the group as a whole was ethnically varied and of a comparatively narrow age range and exhibited similarities in both man condom employ, number of companions and lifetime good STDs (Choi et approach. 2008: 1844). The randomized control exploration design was intended to assure a balanced sampling in both equally experimental and control groups.


Choi, K. (et al. 2008). The effectiveness of female condom abilities training in HIV risk reduction among women: A randomized managed trial. American Journal of Public

Wellness, 98 (10): 1841-1848

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