Food Debate reaction paper Essay

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Our progress cheap, wide-spread food is crucial to human sustainability. This may be true, but regardless of the details i argue with this.

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I believe a corn primarily based food supply can be environmentally harmful. To start off, growing too much hammer toe is environmentally insensitive. It requires more nitrogen fertilizer than some other crop, and also requires pesticides. These chemicals are wrecking the environment.

Also, a corn based food supply is bad. It is seen to cause the illness E. Coli. Corn is also very high in salt and carbs, which is also unhealthy for us.

A more varied agrigulture might be a lot more healthier. It would end up being a lot more protect in the ensures that rather than according to one crop for this kind of important job, we could use a variety of much healthier crops to supply efficiently. A variety of crops would also be safer than a merely corn centered food supply since if that single crop is impacted or a thing goes wrong, that interferes with the entire food supply. On the other hand, if perhaps there are multiple sources we use, if one crop is damaged we have some other sources we can consider. A progress a cheap, common food supply may seem like a great idea.

It is low-cost and easy to sustain, but it really is still very unhealthy. The corn based food supply is usually unhealthy not only for environmental surroundings but also for humans. Corn and the chemicals employed during the process to create other hammer toe based food, can cause conditions.

It also includes a lot of sodium and sugars, which are likewise bad for all of us. The growing of mass amounts of corn, requires mass amounts of pesticides or herbicides. This chemical substance pollutes environmental surroundings. The price of a corn primarily based food supply might be less pricey to produce, however the price you could eventually pay out will be extreme.

A hammer toe based food is a awful idea due to its unhealthy benefit towards humans and the environment.

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