Martin Luther King. American Rhetoric Essay

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Martin Luther King Introduction While giving his speech, Matn Luther Full used pathos as well as ethos and trademarks. By using pathos, King meant to make the persons hate racism.

King claims that Negroes have been crippled by chains of discrimination (American Rhetoric, 2001)By this kind of statement, Full intended to make the whites recognize that they have cracked the claims drafted in the constitution. While using the ethos, Ruler uses the example of awful check. This is seen when he states that denying Negroes their city rights demonstrates, America offers given the Negro people a bad check(American Rhetoric, 2001) While using logos, Ruler refers to the Emancipation Proclamation that was signed simply by Lincoln within a move to end slavery.

When addressing the crowd, Full states that Lincoln signed the Emancipation proclamation to end, the very long night of their very own captivity (American Rhetoric, 2001) The main objective of this declaration was to inform the audience that that even Lincoln, a very visible figure in the united states history, was against racism. References American Rhetoric. (2001). Martin Luther King, Junior. Retrieved upon 1 January 2015 via

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