healthcare and diversity of faiths the objective

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Faith Healing

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Healthcare and Diversity of Faiths

The objective of this study is to research 3 diverse faiths and to review the beliefs of rendering health care from the perspective of the three faiths with that with the Christian point of view and the writer’s own personal perspective. For the purpose of the study the three faiths chosen will be the Native American faith, Yoga, and Shintoism.

Native American Faith

The Native American faith take on medicine is the fact healing much more person than disease-centered. It is reported that traditional healers have the goal of “making whole repairing well-being and harmonious interactions with the community and the heart of character, which is sometimes called God or the Great Mystery. Native American recovery is based on the fact that everyone and everything in the world is connected with each other, and every person, animal, and plant provides a spirit or essence. Also an object, for instance a river or rock, and even the earth on its own, may be considered to have this kind of spirit” (American Cancer Contemporary society, 2014, l. 1) The belief of Natives is usually such that “illness stems from spiritual problems. Additionally, they say that conditions are more likely to attack the body of any person who is imbalanced, features negative considering, or lives an unhealthy way of life. Some Local American healers believe that passed down conditions, just like birth defects, are caused by the parents’ immoral life styles and are not really easily cured. Others believe that such circumstances reflect an impression from the Creator and may consider them a kind of gift. Local American curing practices aim to find and restore harmony and wholeness in a person to restore person to a healthy and spiritually real state. inches (American Cancer Society, 2014, p. 1) It is reported that treatment in the Native American faith includes “herbal remedies, cleansing rituals, shamanism, and representational healing traditions to treat illnesses of the two body and spirit. inch (American Cancers Society, 2014, p. 1) Physical conditions are cared for by herbal remedies and cleansing rituals will be reported to become used for cleaning the body and then for preparation to get healing. Shamanism is reported to be based upon the idea that health issues is brought on by spirits. Indigenous American healers are called Shamans and their concentrate is around the use of psychic powers intended for healing. Likewise reported since healing approaches used will be sweat lodges reported to be “special, darkened enclosures with heated with stones from a fire. inches (American Tumor Society

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