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Unrest and conflict

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Hitler’s invasion with the _____ in June 1941 proved that he would constantly break agreements.

Soviet Union

Hitler intended to defeat Great Britain by simply

a massive bombing attack.

an extreme use of tanks.

a great attack around the air force.

a mass invasion of troops.

a massive bombing attack.

A “blitz is different from a “blitzkrieg because only a “blitz

objectives civilians.

relies specifically on surroundings power.

occurs at wonderful speed.

destroys significant portions of the country.

relies exclusively on air flow power.

At the beginning of WWII, what actions by Winston Churchill inspired Hitler’s technique?

Churchill gave inflammatory speeches.

Churchill prepared intended for war.

Churchill declined to make a deal.

Churchill failed to good deal honestly.

Churchill refused to discuss.

Ahead of invading Biskupiec, poland, Hitler reached a secret agreement while using _______.

Soviet Union

Which country was the last to join the Allied Capabilities?

Great Britain


United States


United States

Which ideal describes the policy of appeasement accompanied by Great Britain and France in the 1930s?

mailing armed forces in to Germany to force that to stop their aggression

forming a great alliance together with the United States to counter Germany’s alliance with Italy and Japan

building up good armies and navies to avoid Germany via making additional demands

allowing Philippines to take intense steps in hopes of maintaining peace

allowing Australia to take extreme steps in desires of keeping peace

With which statement would Stalin and Churchill most likely acknowledge?

War requires blood, work, and cry.

War entails many months of suffering.

Victory must be attained at any cost.

Triumph must happen on land and marine.

Success must be achieved at all costs.

Why were the British able to earn the Struggle of Britain?

Their radar tools was powerful.

Their very own leader advised them to retain fighting Indonesia.

All their air force was more determined and effective than Germany’s.

Their very own spies held them knowledgeable by sending secret communications.

All their radar equipment was powerful.

What is the best meaning of a “blitzkrieg?

devastating aircraft attack

rapid intrusion by atmosphere and property

assault by multiple infantry soldiers

devastation of airplanes and reservoirs

fast invasion by air and land

What triggered Great Britain and France to declare battle with Germany in 1939?

the appeasement plan

the invasion of Poland

the nonaggression pact

the give up of Especially

the invasion of Poland

Great Britain’s success inside the Battle of england and the Soviet defense of Russia turned out that Hitler’s army could be _____.


In 1940, Hitler indicated his switch to military conquest instead of annexation by invading

Athens and the Holland.

Especially and Russian federation.

Luxembourg and Czechoslovakia.

Turkey and Sweden.

Belgium and the Holland.

Which will country was obviously a member of the Axis power?


Soviet Union




Which in turn aggressive actions did Philippines take in the 1930s?

entering Great Britain

annexing Luxembourg and Czechoslovakia

targeting Pearl Harbor

invading China

annexing Austria and Czechoslovakia

Why do Hitler almost certainly assume he could annex Austria and Czechoslovakia?

This individual believed his actions could prove him to be a great leader.

He believed that the Third Reich was the more powerful govt.

This individual believed he had the right to end up being as intense as he wanted to be.

He assumed that The uk and Italy would choose not to react to his actions.

This individual believed that Great Britain and France might choose to never respond to his actions.

Why would the Soviet Union join the Allies?

Stalin was afraid of Hitler.

Hitler had cracked a pact and bombarded.

Hitler was turning into too effective in East Europe.

Stalin desired to take control of areas captured by simply Germany.

Hitler acquired broken a pact and attacked.

What was one particular reason the Battle of Barbarossa became a turning point in the battle?

The A language like german army suffered massive casualties.

The German armed service attacked during winter.

The A language like german army was overconfident following defeating France.

The German military services was vulnerable from struggling two countries at once.

The German army endured massive casualties.

Whom led The japanese during Ww ii?

Adolf Hitler

Benito Mussolini

Hideki Tojo

Franklin Roosevelt

Hideki Tojo

Reacting to Japan’s aggressive actions in the Pacific in the thirties, the United States

signed a peacefulness treaty with Germany and Italy.

imposed an embargo upon shipping conflict goods and petroleum items to Asia.

delivered bombers more than Japan in order to frighten that nation’s rulers.

launched into a policy of disarmament.

imposed a great embargo upon shipping warfare goods and petroleum items to The japanese.

Examine these paragraphs from a famous speech made by President Roosevelt in 1941.

Yesterday, December 7th, 1941 ” a date that can live in infamy ” the usa of America was abruptly and intentionally attacked by simply naval and air pushes of the Disposition of Japan. The United States was at peace recover nation and, at the solicitation of Asia, was still in conversation using its government as well as its emperor looking toward the maintenance of serenity in the Pacific cycles.

-President Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1941

To which event was the president referring?

the Battle of Guadalcanal

the Bataan Death March

the attack upon Pearl Harbor

the Struggle of Midway

the attack about Pearl Harbor

To earn the warfare in the Pacific cycles, the United States used a strategy called

massive retaliation.





Which will of these terms best describes the official international policy states at the start of World War II in 1939?






In a major strike to Asia, Allied soldiers returned to free which usually of these areas from Western control in 1944?

Hawaiian Islands



the Israel

the Philippines

Where performed the Bataan Death March take place?

Hawaiian Islands



the Israel

the Philippines

President Roosevelt called Dec 7, 1941, “a time which will stay in infamy.  Which of such definitions is a good meaning in the word “infamy?






To continue growing its disposition, Japan necessary large products of

natural cotton.


olive oil.

drinking water.


After their attack on Arizona memorial, what did Japanese leaders do following?

They provided peace conditions to the Us.

They tried to gain as much terrain in the Pacific cycles as possible.

They occupied the Western Coast of the United States.

They will sat as well as waited to get the United States for this.

They tried to gain as much place in the Pacific cycles as possible.

Which claims describe activities taken by The japanese before the Arizona memorial attack that resulted in stretched relations together with the United States? Verify all that apply.

It created an connections with Philippines and Italy.

It placed an embargo in imports in the United States.

It busy French Indochina.

This torpedoed American ships inside the Pacific.

It invaded China to get control.

It germane itself with Britain and France.

It created an connections with Germany and Italia.

That occupied People from france Indochina.

It penetrated China to achieve control.

Who was guru when Ww ii started in The european countries?

Herbert Hoover

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Harry S. Truman

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Which of these actions did america take soon after the assault on Arizona memorial?

The United States purchased the evacuation of its citizens through the West Shoreline.

Congress voted to continue its isolationist policy.

American causes sailed to Japan and began to harm it.

Congress announced war on Asia the next day.

Congress declared war on Japan the next day.

Which claims accurately explain the Japanese strike on Arizona memorial? Check all that apply.

The attack performed minimal harm.

The Americans had been unprepared for the harm.

Japan occupied The hawaiian islands after the assault.

The American Navy blue was significantly weakened.

No American vessels had been destroyed.

The Americans were unsuspecting for the attack.

The American Navy was severely vulnerable.

The government buy that limitations trade with another region to penalize or pressure that country in some way is called

an take action of battle.

a great embargo.



an retención.

Which usually contributed to the Battle of Stalingrad learning to be a turning point inside the war? Examine all that apply.

German violence toward the Allies

an extensive lack of German soldiers

fatigued German supplies

the final of the German born advance

the challenge ending within a draw

an extensive loss in German military

fatigued German materials

the conclusion of the German advance

How do the Soviet’s win in Stalingrad support advance the Allies’ The european union First approach?

It motivated several Axis countries in Eastern Europe to switch their allegiance.

It allowed the Soviets to push the eastern front toward Australia.

It consolidated Soviet power in Russia.

It removed the German born threat around the war’s east front.

It allowed the Soviets to push the eastern front toward Indonesia.

Which will strategies do the United States employ in order to achieve victory inside the Pacific? Verify all that apply.

guerrilla combat


substance warfare


recruitment of local soldiers



Just how can the conditions Omaha, Blade, and Ut relate to the Battle of Normandy?

They are really code brands for the American, Canadian, and United kingdom troops.

They are code names for the sections of Normandy Beach that were assaulted.

They stand for 3 types of weaponry that would be used in challenge.

They are the names of three delivers that brought troops to the beach.

They are code names intended for the parts of Normandy Seashore that were assaulted.

Which usually most contributed to the Struggle of Stalingrad becoming a level in the battle?

The battle marked the start of Germany’s triumph.

The German armed service exhausted all of their supplies.

The fight marked the finish of Germany’s advancement.

The German army obtained hundreds of further soldiers.

The German born army fatigued all of their materials.

Did D-Day finally end The german language ambitions in Europe?

Yes, German frontrunners surrendered right after the D-Day invasion.

No, the Germans ongoing fighting and attempted offensive measures.

Yes, D-Day weakened The german language forces, who abandoned the military all over.

No, the Germans had a regular supply of youthful soldiers to keep the combat.

Zero, the Germans continued struggling and attempted offensive measures.

Which usually best describes why Iwo Jima was significant in U. H. attempts to get to Japan?

The island had airfields that the U. S. army needed.

The island had long-range anti-aircraft missiles.

The island was home to Japan’s nautico fleet.

The island got natural solutions that the Japanese military needed.

This island then had airfields that the U. S. army needed.

Which challenge or celebration caused one of the most Japanese casualties?

the Challenge of Iwo Jima

the bombing of Hiroshima

the bombing of Nagasaki

the Fight of Okinawa

the Battle of Okinawa

Which greatest explains so why the Allies employed the Europe First strategy during World War II?

Asia was a better threat than Germany to the Allies.

Japan received military the help of Germany, hence the Allies required to defeat Germany first.

The Allies wanted to make certain that Germany did not continue to conquer European terrain.

The Allies necessary Japan’s huge stockpile of weapons to defeat Indonesia.

The Allies planned to ensure that Indonesia did not carry on and conquer Euro territory.

The most likely reason why Director Truman ordered the atomic bomb fallen on Japan was to

reveal military strength.

pressure Japan to surrender to the Allies.

guarantee a US triumph.

prevent the Soviet breach of Asia.

pressure Japan to surrender to the Allies.

How did the Allied victory in WWII change the world? Check all that apply.

It produced new peacemaking groups.

It started a nuclear arms race.

It destroyed American-German relations.

It finished the time of atomic weapons.

It generated the Frosty War.

It developed new peacemaking groups.

It started a elemental arms competition.

That led to the Cold Conflict.

Why was the struggle of Este Alamein significant?

The Allies defeated a serious German commander.

The German army defeated the Allies severely.

It allowed Of that ilk troops use of Egypt.

It offered as the turning point of World War II.

The Allies defeated a serious German commander.

Who was the Supreme Allied Leader in The european countries during World War II?

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Franklin G. Roosevelt

Winston Churchill

Charles de Gaulle

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Which is true about the struggle of Iwo Jima?

Allies were able to capture almost all of the Japan soldiers.

About 31, 000 American troops were killed.

Allies killed almost all of the Japanese soldiers.

Almost all American troops were captured.

About 31, 000 American troops had been killed.

When the United States dropped atomic bombs in Japan, this triggered the beginning of a _______ race between the United States as well as the Soviet Union. This was an important issue throughout the Cold Conflict.

Nuclear arms

Which usually best details why america dropped two atomic bombs on Asia?

The second explosive device was targeted at Japan’s major munitions factory.

Japan refused to surrender after the first bomb was dropped.

The us wanted to trigger as much damage as possible.

The bombs worked together with each other.

Japan rejected to give up after the first bomb was dropped.