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In Society, Various people conduct themselves unsympathetic towards the other person.

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A great sort of how someone will treat one other in world is in Willa Cather’s short story “Paul’s Case”. Where Protagonist, Paul, displays a lack of sympathy in the way he conducts himself when he confronts him self with people and stressful conditions. For Instance when ever Paul was “questioned by the Principal why he was right now there, Paul explained, politely enough, that he wanted to come back to school'” (pg171). Even though, this individual said pleasantly that he “wanted to return to school”? he lied. Although, it is necessary to reexamine that Paul didn’t claim anything else, because of fear of disapproval from his father.

That which was more unacceptable was his appearance with the scandalous red carnation in the buttonhole that he wore to the principal’s office that showed he had a lack of submission towards specialist to his teachers. Furthermore, when also confronted by his teacher whilst he brought in at Carnegie Hall. Paul reflected him self “the entry pass had probably been directed her away of kindness”(pg 173), When adding “she had not any business amongst these good people and gay colors” (pg173). By simply reasoning in this way, Paul reveals no empathy towards any individual he sees that may be able to receive the rich belongings or entertainment that this individual longed­for.

That he would have never experienced except if he brought in at Carnegie Hall.

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