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Homeless Children

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Homelessness, Indentured Servants, Damaging Relationships, Minimal Wage

Research from Thesis:

An additional issue can be prison release, because newly released inmates frequently have nowhere to have, they cannot take a job because they are convicted felons, and so they end up desolate. A frightening statistic is that there are so many young people which might be homeless. One more group of researchers note, “A reliable dedication of the prevalence of homelessness among teenagers is hard to obtain, nevertheless the most recent and vigorous strive estimates that there are more than one mil youth nationwide who happen to be homeless during any given 12-month period” (Johnson, Rew Kouzekanani, 2006). Often , these the younger generation are on the streets because of dysfunctional families. Many are runaways, who have remaining home as a result of anger and violence inside the families, or sexual abuse. The experts continue, “High rates of sexual abuse have been found among homeless and runaway adolescents” (Johnson, Rew Kouzekanani, 2006). A different reason for homelessness is low-paying jobs. Minimum wage is $6. 65 an hour, and that calculates to a little over $13, 1000 annually, which is well under the poverty level, and people operating at minimum wage careers cannot afford housing many times, therefore they become homeless.

There are certain final results of homelessness that impact people, as well. Many people abuse medications and alcoholic beverages, and become destitute because they are unable (or unwilling) to hold straight down jobs. This can lead to legal activities simply by some homeless people, which often gives the entire homeless population a bad brand. In addition , deficiency of education can lead to homelessness, as the less well-informed people are unable to get good paying careers, and they live below the poverty level. Any type of disaster, by an illness to job damage could force them to always be homeless.

How exactly does the country fix the homeless problem? Initial, they need to treat the issues which have been making persons homeless, just like unemployment, low paying careers, dysfunctional households, and the mortgage loan crisis. They have to provide even more low-income casing so that people have an alternative, they need to provide midway houses or perhaps other places exactly where newly released criminals can get back on their ft, and women and children in abusive human relationships can go and be safe. There will always be a percentage of the population that is certainly homeless, that seems unavoidable, but there are ways to solve the condition and attract more people off the streets and into homes they can manage. It will take time, but it can be carried out.


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