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Have you ever thought of how your daily life might transform if you recently had an incurable disease? The HELPS and HIV virus is an extremely dangerous ailment that sees no race, simply no color, simply no gender, zero economic background not even a particular age group. It could affect any individual, at any time in the event they put themselves in a situation exactly where they could be at risk. AIDS means acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. The virus triggers the bodys immune system to be able to down and turn useless in fighting illness and bacteria. Even a common cold could lead to the loss of life of a person affected with the AIDS virus. Globally, 37. 8 mil adults and children were living with HIV/AIDS at the end of 2003. In 2003, some. 8 mil people were recently infected with HIV, and there were 2 . 9 million adult and child fatalities due to HIV/AIDS. Almost 50 percent of newly infected adults were girls. Since the start of the epidemic, there have been more than twenty million ASSISTS deaths. HIV is transmitted during sex, through significant and direct connection with infected bloodstream, from mom to baby, Breast milk, Semen and perhaps pre-seminal smooth, Vaginal secretions.

Different ways that HIV can be sent Sharing tiny needles when firing drugs Residence tattooing and body piercing Accidental filling device sticks, bloodstream transfusions, Having a baby, Breastfeeding. It is crucial to know, Many people with HIV infection will not look ill. It is important to consider that HIV is NOT REALLY transmitted through Saliva, holes, sweat, waste, or urine Hugging Kissing Massage Nervous-looking hands Insect bites Residing in the same house with someone who has HIV Sharing showers or toilets with someone with HIV. The early stage of HIV will vary symptoms than the late levels. Some symptoms from the early stage happen to be, Fever, Chills, Rash, Evening sweats, and swollen lymph nodes. Several symptoms intended for the late stages will be, Rapid weight loss, Pneumonia, Storage loss, Depressive disorder, Neurological disorders, Sores of the mouth, trou, and/or genitals. Over time, the virus attacks the bodys immune system, creating AIDS sufferers to be prone to all kinds of attacks, which can be deadly. It also increases the severity of some prevalent diseases and conditions and also the risk of obtaining some malignancies.

Tuberculosis (TB), In resource-limited nations around the world, TB is the most common opportunistic infection associated with HIV. Their a leading source of death among people with HELPS. Cytomegalovirus, This kind of common herpes simplex virus is transmitted in physique fluids just like saliva, blood, urine, sperm and breast milk. A normal immune system inactivates the virus, and that remains foul in your body. If your immune system weakens, the computer virus resurfaces leading to damage to your eyes, digestive system, lungs or other organs.

Candidiasis is a common HIV-related infection. This causes inflammation and a thick, white colored coating on the mucous walls of your mouth area, tongue, esophagus or genitals. Other issues are Hepatitis, Sexually transmitted infections, Liver or Renal damage, and Urinary tract infection. Everybody with HIV infection, no matter CD4 Capital t cell count, should be offered antiviral medication. A person with HIV should start their treatment they have severe symptoms, An opportunistic infection, Their CD4 cell count is definitely under three hundred and fifty, theyre pregnant, They have HIV related renal disease etc . The treatment can be quite difficult, HIV treatment programs may entail taking a lot of pills at specific times every day for the remainder of your life. Every medication comes with its own exclusive set of unwanted side effects. Some unwanted effect are Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Heart disease, Weakened bones or perhaps bone loss, Break down of muscle tissue, Higher blood sugar, and so forth Theres simply no vaccine to avoid HIV infection and no get rid of for ASSISTS. But you can shield yourself while others from disease. Use a new condom every time you have sex, Use a new condom every time you have anal or vaginal love-making. Women are able to use a female condom. If employing lubricant, make sure its water-based.

Oil-based lubricants may weaken condoms and cause them to break. Tell your sexual lovers if you have HIV, Its crucial to tell all your current and past intimate partners that youre HIV-positive. Theyll need to be tested. Make use of a clean hook, If you use a needle to inject medicines, make sure its sterile and dont discuss it. In the event that youre pregnant, get medical treatment right away, If perhaps youre HIV-positive, you may move the infection to your baby. But if you receive treatment during pregnancy, you may cut the babys risk significantly. Consider male circumcision, Theres proof that man circumcision may help reduce your risk of obtaining HIV infection.

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