how to address the car tire recall concern case

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Research from Case Study:

The condition with wheel recall is that there is no system in place (as of 2014) to track and monitor wheels among retailers who may possibly determine quickly that a particular tire can be part of a recall. While ABC News has shown, there exists a real and serious requirement of system change because of the unseen hazard that exists with regards to unsafe auto tires that have been remembered being sold to a unsuspecting general public. Tire manufacturers have a responsibility to get part of that reform and to develop a satisfactory method of monitoring where almost all tires happen to be delivered also to whom they are really sold so that in the case of a recall, those tires may possibly effectively always be removed from the population. Once a remember is issued, the tires should be located, by contacting retailers and consumers who purchased these people, so that there are no shed tires. The sufficient procedure for take will include having a chain of custody for every tire distributed so that there is a clear newspaper trail that points out in which the tires have gone so that the current owner may be alerted. A method for growing an appropriate string of custody could contain using blockchain technology, which is a type of community ledger which includes revolutionized how that legal agreements and even values are utilized today. Blockchain technology makes a record of every deal in a general public way, to ensure that anyone who is a stakeholder in the blockchain will discover who is the existing owner of the underlying (Mizrahi). In this case, the underlying could be the tires, as well as the blockchain ledger would allow all stakeholders to determine every deal and where the tires currently are. This technique would fix the problem of 3rd category mail notifications, issued like in the well known Firestone call to mind scandal (ABC News).

Tyre retailers, like Walmart and Sams Team, are also responsible for being aware of car tire recalls. Walmart was efficiently sued pursuing an accident where a recalled tire was sold from one of its retailers (ABC News). This demonstrates retailers ought to be monitoring recalls. Another approach that could be helpful for retailers is always to have access to a federal government website that gives information on every tire recalls. Every day, when a manufacturer recalls a wheel, the website would be updated to reflect this, and merchants would receive a message notifying them to the update. They can then check the database against their own inventory and have any kind of tires replaced by the maker. For wheels that have long been sold to consumers, the blockchain ledger approach could be useful here. The ledger can by synced with the govt website in order that any improvements regarding a specific tire that was purcahased by a consumer might signal for a message to be sent to that consumer regarding the recalled wheel. In this way

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