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Human Behavior

Human Brain, Human Physiology, Gestalt Therapy, Homeostasis

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Case Study

Modified Aussehen theory might support the idea that Chris has a strong innate predisposition for developing schizophrenia, given his brother’s condition. He was raised in an unstable home environment, because of his father’s addiction to alcohol that may have exacerbated the young Chris’ sense of constant stress and his problems to see the world within a hostile, nonthreatening fashion. Frank is rational at times, strategy he is weird, and undergoes various examples of awareness regarding his condition of rationality (hence the usefulness of the Gestalt anxiety on the ‘present point in time’ to describe sanity). A resumption of medication may be required, although it’s not always necessary for through the entire duration of Chris’ life.

Philip has been disrupted by a shift in the relationship of his marriage. His wife wishes to have one more child and he has just unexpectedly re-encountered a intimidating individual via his previous. Psychotic episodes can be trigged by bad life events, and Christ perceives his wife’s request as a unfavorable stress. He has also suffered a mild physical trauma to his rearfoot which disturbs his state of physical homeostasis. The simple fact that his authoritarian role models at your home who would not present him with a good sort of coping with tension may explain why his paranoia manifests itself against doctors. His sense of physical weeknesses, hostility, and sexual desire all conspire to motivate him to express his vulnerability to having his physical and emotional barriers crossed through hunch, violence, and sexual ‘acting out. ‘

Chris might benefit with drug treatment, but given that they can rationally connect with the world, therapeutic counseling to help Chris understand and distinguish harmless versus threatening interpersonal cues could also be suggested. This would give Chris a much better sense of when his boundaries were truly staying threatened, rather than when he only perceived those to be insecure. With the addition of medication , Chris will hopefully manage to become more logical, and better able to cope with reasonless impulses. The tension upon coping with physical stress, and making use of the body in positive methods would become helpful for Philip, as he has reacted with sexual and hostile serves of physical violence in the past. These kinds of reactions might be the product of his illness, but can also be discovered behavior by his child years, where his parents and brother lacked respect to get the young Chris’ very own sense of physical, emotional, and interpersonal boundaries.

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