hurricane katrina discuss causes of nibco s

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Hurricane Katrina

Excerpt by Case Study:

Hurricane Katrina

Discuss reasons for NIBCO’s decision to put into action an ERP system.

The primary motivation behind NIBCO’s decision to put into action the new ERP system hinged on economical considerations. Coming from a competitive standpoint, NIBCO needed to innovate. As the case illustrated, the company’s information systems were unable effectively communicate with each other. As a result, there was an absence of integration among critical organization functions. The accounting office, for occasions, was unable to properly contact the syndication department. This lack of interaction and the use made you’re able to send operations inefficient relative to the peers in the industry. This lack of integration, put together with competitive pressures stifled NIBCO’s overall earnings growth. The company was losing market share to more efficient and nimble procedures. Therefore , the choice to put into action the new ERP system was obviously a direct respond to the market economic climate that NIBCO operates in. With out innovation, the company would continue to lose essential market share to competitors. Finally, the heritage systems in which NIBCO used were difficult to audit. For instance , it was hard to decipher the financing area of many of the distinct departments. As a result of inability to communicate with one another, each office could conceal vital economical information, further hindering organization growth. With all the new bundled ERP program, executives are in a better position in order to and keep an eye on the monetary performance of each individual division.

Describe the advantages and disadvantages of the method of implementation made a decision upon by simply NIBCO.

To start with, the benefits of the implementation would be the financial and operational betterment of the business. From a financial perspective, through the implementation of the ERP system costs associated with issues, fraud, and lost output will be substantially reduced. Different department will probably be in a better position to communicate with the other person regarding important operational metrics and targets. Accounting, for instance , will be able to proficiently provide responses to the distribution department concerning costs. This kind of collaboration among departments can help propel productivity and earnings. In addition , creativity is elevated, as details can seamlessly be traded throughout the business. Project metrics, goals and objectives can be better applied through the use of cross- functional groups. In addition , fraudulent activity could be significantly abated or diminished through the use of the modern ERP system. Detection are now able to occur at the same time as devices are now coordinated. Management will also be able to view activities no matter

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