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Louisa is incredibly close to Jeff, and at initial he is the simply person the lady cares about, and she makes a decision to marry Mr Bounderby because of him. She talks to Tom as to what she feels and opens up to him and explains what she feels, she also talks to him about extravagant, which the lady wouldnt perform to any person else, she also talks about how she feels regarding Sissy to him. Although Tom can be eventually self-centred and insensitive towards everyone including Louisa and is pictured as a faux.

Louisas mother is a hypochondriac, she is regularly ill or says she is, this is her way of covering from persons and in the end hiding her feelings, she actually is pale and weak via her romantic relationship with her husband, the girl with an example of the actual facts and quite often disregards Louisa and uses the excuse that she is unwell as a reason not to talk with her little girl. She is unaware of Louisas struggle, which will she has almost certainly experienced himself. Louisa will not seem to need her mother and has probably adult without her.

Mr Gradgrind loves his children and genuinely seems that the details method is a good one, which his children would thank him for instructing them. He teaches them nothing but information and expects these to grow up and be essential and respected associates of society as he is usually. And when he finds them peeking with the circus he is so shocked because he will not understand why they will want to see the circus with everything they have. Louisa is known as a attractive and sensitive, and curious to imagination that her father has never make her aware.

She is chaffing against her upbringing and has a starved imagination was can see this from when we first meet her and Dickens explains her while Pretty. Would have been do it yourself willed but for her bringing up which I think is very true, her fathers method of teaching children has left her practically dead emotionally and exhausted and states I am tired. She hides her emotion that is certainly making her tired and depressed, the lady seems as if your woman daydreams considerably.

I think that she would be considered a very different person if it isnt for her parental input, she would be caring and loving, while would Jeff. I think she’s caring and loving nevertheless she conceals it inside with all her emotions. Im interested to view what will happen to her, I would like to determine her get married to an individual nice and move away from her dad but I think she will marry Mr Bounderby and become very stressed out. But I really hope she will not because Louisa is a very interesting and intricate character that will develop well.

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