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The common problem seen in the logistics industry is a lack of presence of current tracking capability to monitor items, which lead to delays of delivery and loss of products on hand.

CEVA Logistics, one of many city strategies service providers in Singapore features emerged with an innovative answer for last-mile deliveries – CEVA’s Range of motion Suite. It is a multi-platform smartphone application for iOS, Andriod and Windows Mobile, with built-in features including the real-time milestones shipments, electronic checklist, evidence of delivery invoices, driver supply, trip status, dynamic give, mobile dash, damaged products workflow managing, real-time clients survey and image record for home delivery services. (Singapore builds “smart” into strategies, 5 The spring 2017).

The new smartphone application allows transparency across the entire supply chain to be able to establish better communication from the beginning to the end. For instance from your procurement process, to delivery, and to absolutely free themes. This has certainly greatly elevated the productivity of the supply chain performance, however the rendering of the mobility suite will not be cheap. It might be cost-effective in the long run but the implementation would demand a huge capital. CEVA in addition has developed a Matrix Stockroom Management System (WMS) which automates the storage place management method, by using voice-picking system which will increases the finding volumes and intensity. Organization would have to hire technicians to correct the equipment if this were to malfunction during operational period. With the new technology growing, the labor force may not be tech-savvy enough to keep up with it, specifically to the older demographic of ground personnel. However , trainings may be presented to the staff.

The additional innovative last mile delivery solution may be the drone delivery by Combined Parcels Service Inc (UPS) and Amazon online. According to Mark Wallace, an anatomist executive in UPS, it really is useful for delivering goods inside the rural areas where package vehicles often have to visit miles to produce a single delivery. The drone delivery is definitely not to replace the pickup truck drivers but for enhance their capabilities and make deliveries more efficient. However , the drones have limited capacity as it provides a weight limit for the parcel, and it could not really fly for more than typically five pounds pertaining to 50-mile flight range. Furthermore, the companies are required to comply with the flight paths approved by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) government bodies, which helps to ensure that drone does not fly more than busy streets or pedestrians and to maintain a clear brand of sight. In densely fill urban metropolitan areas like Singapore, it rules out operation of drones. In rural areas, the connection may not be solid and could become unavailable at times.

Contrary to organisations just like UPS and Amazon which in turn uses treadmill to deliver products, FedEx is usually opting for the ground vehicles intended for last mile delivery option. According to MIT Technology Review, the main information official, Rob Carter, favours rolling robots than levitating drones. FedEx is usually working with new venture company Peloton Technology to research on semi-autonomous technology. This technology hyperlink up vehicles electronically in small groups called platoons, which uses vehicle-to-vehicle conversation to allow the lead truck’s driver to manage the gas consumption and distance from the truck pursuing behind. The appearance of this technology helps to save fuel and minimize wind resistance.

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