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I actually am Gene Geralde Gonzales, I was born on May two, 1971 by Baguio Metropolis, Philippines. We are seven bros in the friends and family. I are the 7th child. My own mother’s identity is Confianza Geralde Gonzales, she is by Cebu Metropolis and my own father’s identity is Mario Dy Gonzales, he is via Legaspi, Albay. I got my fundamental education and my second education by Saint Louis School of Campo Philippine located for Naguilian Street Baguio Metropolis. I had a cheerful childhood managing my parents and my bros.

During week-ends, we usually spend each of our day in the park. All of us helped the other person in our activities. My family was obviously a happy and a caring family.

Within my high school times, I usually use my spare time in the collection together with my friends. Our university was solely for girls also because of that I actually find it hard to contact the opposite sexual. We generally spend our summer getaway in the home town of my personal mother, which can be located at Minglanilla Cebu City.

My hobbies are studying books, biking, watching videos and also get across stitching. I also spend my leisure time hanging out with my local freinds. My wish was to turn into a nurse. I used to be able to go the entrance examination in Saint Louis University and i also had my own first year as a nursing student. I actually wasn’t in a position to pass one of the main subjects thus i had to copy to another school. I had to take a summer time class pertaining to my back again subject in Pines Town Educational Centre and as a result time We continued my own studies and graduated back in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Following graduation, I had fashioned my personal review and took test for Municipal Service Professional Level, wherein I was in a position to pass the exam. By the yr 1993, as well as my college or university friends all of us went to Manila to have each of our review and took our board exam for nursing jobs. While awaiting the result of the board test, I proved helpful as a offer nurse for Antamok Puits.

My sociable skills and nursing abilities were developed during my stay at Antamok Mines Hospital. After I exceeded the Panel Exam intended for Nurses, by the year 1994, I performed as a exclusive duty doctor employed by Miss Cheen Tan, wherein I actually took care of her father, who had been 82 years of age and with Parkinson’s disease. I aided him along with his daily activities, bathed and fed him, and also made sure he took almost all his medicines in time. My own salary as a private responsibility nurse has not been enough to compliment my family fiscally so I chosen to apply as being a caretaker in Taiwan. Simply by March 1996, I went to work in Taiwan. It was my personal first time to have away from my family. I had a difficult time in adapting to a new environment, with different culture and language as well. After six months, I had been able tocommunicate with the family members of my company in Mandarin, their local language and in addition do well with my day to day activities, especially cooking their Oriental dishes. My spouse and i worked like a domestic assistant and as a caretaker. My personal employer got seven family members. I watched over my employer’s mother who was a heart stroke patient, 87 years of age and a hemiplegic.

I assisted her to sit in the wheelchair and also gave her daily bathtub. I worked well there for 3 years. My own employer needed me to increase my agreement, but sadly that time just three years was the maximum allowed unless My spouse and i changed my personal passport and used an additional name. I enjoyed working in Taiwan mainly because my employer treated myself not as a domestic tool but as among their members of the family. I returned home to Philippines. Simply by January 2001, I utilized in Dubai as a non-public duty health professional, and got employed by Sheikh Marwan Maktoum Trash can Al Maktoum. I worked for the royal relatives where in I took care of their first child. I was three persons looking after her, two listed nurses and one registered midwife. My spouse and i worked there until January 2004. Simply by February june 2006, I was employed to work as a trainer at Filipino Caretaker Teaching Center. It is just a training center for females who would like to work in Hk, Malaysia and Singapore as being a domestic assistant.

I performed there right up until June 2006. By September 2006, We took monthly course of chosen at AKSEM Homes Basis and by Aug 2006 My spouse and i worked right now there as a reflexology therapist until December 2006. On January 1, 2007 I was employed as a trainer at Cebu Asia Teaching Specialist Inc. located in Dian, Makati City. It had been a training middle for females who would like to work as a domestic helper for Hong Kong. By Sept 16, 3 years ago until March 25, 2011, I proved helpful as a personnel nurse in Dar Elhekma Clinic situated in Salihia Road, Riyadh Arab saudi. After doing work in Saudi Arabia intended for 4 years I decided to visit home since both of my parents passed away similar year. I spend my own whole life working for my family especially for my parents, since they were ill and they needed to take medicine to maintain all their health. When i came house from Saudi Arabia, my family house was refurbished with my personal savings.

Need to work to aid myself and my two siblings; by September 13, 2012, I was re-hired as a trainer in Filipino Caretaker Training and Assessment Center Inc. I worked presently there until 06 29, 2013. I retired because of the poor management; the manager tended to bring over the staff rather than encouraging them to grow expertly. My prepare is to preserve for my personal future since I have zero family and I am one.

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