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Internet technology


The internet is just about the primary source people frequent when searching for products, information, performing business, and socialization. It really is truly the data super highway for any subject matter known to man. Internet customers engage in on-line activity since it is fast, exact, and most could agree that their responsibilities are finished with success ” even if really just for surfing around. When something is useable, it is not necessarily only in a position of being used; it is also readily available and practical for use.

It is human nature for people to seek out issues that are useable. Consumers are enthusiastic about the most useful way of having from point A to point B. If something happens to be unavailable, undesirable, or inefficient, individuals are bored with continuing to work with that products or services.

Since the net is the major vehicle pertaining to both organization and satisfaction, web site developers and web owners must ensure that their websites are user-friendly, engaging, and meet the needs of the internet site user, basically, useable.

Therefore , web usability is crucial to the accomplishment of website developers. In accordance to Nielsen (2012), web usability is known as a quality feature that essentially answers the question “Does that do what users require?  This may seem like a straightforward question to resolve, but how it is clarified by website developers is essential to the your life of the internet site and its offerings. Because of the vastness of the net, competition among websites is definitely fierce. If perhaps people are not able to find what exactly they are looking for on a single site they are going to simply leave and check out another site. The 1st law ofe-commerce is that persons cannot buy what they are not able to find.

This kind of paper is going to analyze the net usability of, the web site for difficulties electronics organization, Samsung US. It will response the question of “Does it do what users want?  by examining the cognitive and affective factors of the internet site, the comprehensive tasks that Samsung offers, and how this meets current navigation theories. The web functionality analysis will likely consider design design of the site, an overall evaluation, and how that relates to 8-10 out of ten Nielson (usability) heuristics.

Samsung began on March 1, 1938 as a trading company and originally was an céder of fish, vegetables and fruit (Samsung, 2014). Today Samsung is actually a giant inside the electronic industry manufacturing whatever from cell phones to appliances for the kitchen to televisions. Samsung is dedication to making the world better (Samsung, 2014). This is clearly expressed inside their vision assertion. Samsung’s key efforts are executive electronics which might be cognitive and intuitive. That they entered the electronics market in 1960 and became a global leader in screen technology, televisions, battery packs and microchip designs (Shaughnessy, 2013). Today Samsung offers leaped ahead of the competition with LCD, LED and the new curved UHD televisions as well as the Galaxy series cellular phones with the larger than existence displays. Samsung is a major force in Korea financially, politically, and they are respected global in anatomist and advancement.

Cognitive and Affective Elements

It is very important to include elements of cognitation to web design. Keeping in mind just how individuals believe, learn, see, and produce decisions are key parts for web-developers to consider in creating a useable interface. Building an user interface that is intuitive and easy to work with is extremely important to the success of that internet site (Rodgers, Well-defined, Preece, 2012). Understanding customer interaction will lead to informative design decisions that will eventually predict consumer performance. The samsung company has presented several cognitive-affective design things to consider that meet a wide range of customers ranging from novice to experienced. This is apparent as soon as you will be directed to the site. When you are on the site, vivid shades, boldphrases, and enormous photos prefer introduce the Samsung Galaxy line to the consumer. By making use of these methods, the viewer’s eyes are instantly drawn to the colours and fascination is stored by different phrases such as “Home has never been better for the television products and “Indulge in your inner gourmet for the home appliance line.

Another cognitive-affective factor that Samsung implores is belief. Similar to attention, Samsung shows the perception the fact that products they manufacture. Huge photos from the latest consumer products are positioned throughout the webpage. This attention grabbing tactic is ideal for persuading the consumer that this can be described as product that is usable in many different scenarios. Not only are items positioned, images of individuals making use of the Samsung products are submitted. By showing the product integrated into the daily lives of people, it provides the web site user a feeling of connection, or “hey, I do that too or “I could use something such as that.

In keeping in alignment with all the company’s slogan “Inspire the earth, create the future, the learning aspect of the cognitive-affective aspect is seen throughout the advertisement with the Galaxy line of tablets, mobile phones, and wearable accessories. The motto that holds fascination is “The next big factor is here. Consumers of technology are always seeking the new, now, and latest tendencies. People are proud of the “upgrade treadmill of technology. By catering for this mindset together with the motto “The next big factor is here it retains this lifestyle engaged in the latest product lines in technology and peaks the eye in those who may not have considered their technology out dated. Optimization of an interface using honnêteté to understand users can enhance interaction using a product, gain loyalty, and bring success to a provider or product owner (Bloom, 1956).

Step by Step Responsibilities

In order to participate and persuade web users, web page developers must include inside their design duties and actions that will keep the user interested in staying within the page. These kinds of tasks are often embedded in the navigation design of the website and are vital in influencing whether or not people stay to learn more or perhaps move on to the next site. The Samsung site provides a number of tasks that are engaging and meaningful pertaining to allviewers. The primary tasks are situated in the top bar in the website and are broken down into four categories: Discover, Store, Apps, and Owners. Intended for consumers, these are the primary factors that the web page would be frequented. These duties are smartly placed from left to right you start with the Samsung logo and ending with the search bar. It absolutely was with wonderful consideration that the order of the hyperlinks looks so that the 1st hyperlink titled Discover gives a list of subcategories regarding Samsungs products grouped by courses to new and well-known technology such as their Galaxy tablet range, home entertainment, processing, appliances, digital photography, services and applications, and exactly how these products support their slogan of “Inspire the world.

The next web page link, Shop, gives details on items, accessories, and special offers on the web. The extra task within shop should be to determine what specific product complies with the requirements of the buyer. It also provides the option to “learn more or perhaps “buy now. This is a great option for consumers who like to compare goods side by side or are looking for particular product sizes or results. What is likewise exceptional is that for the cell phone product sales, there is a fall list that delivers a list of every cellular providers that are suitable for Samsung items. This is very hassle-free for customers because they don’t have to take extra steps to verify with their service providers that the merchandise they are getting is compatible. Every single category within product for sale has a bass speaker category that lists the most popular types of goods available and provides an option to “see all¦ This is good time saver for the buyer because he does not have to click through all of the televisions to find the plasmas televisions one example is.

The “see all website link is helpful for the consumer who would like to purchase a television but is usually unsure in the type of technology he/she would want to have. On each of the subwoofer category tab there is a photo of a presented item having a quick description and a hyperlink to “see product. The Apps web page is for the Samsung owner who is thinking about the personalization process of their products. It can also be a powerful selling point to get potential Samsung korea consumers. There exists an “All Apps link with descriptors of how you can improve your quality lifestyle using these apps. The secondary tasks are particular to the category and provide thorough information on what that application does to improve the production of the merchandise. For example , the television andBlue ray apps promote ways to heavy steam movies, music, play video gaming, and connect to friends through social media just like Facebook. The apps will be filtered in well defined categories including Entertainment, including movies, TV, music, books and sporting activities, Sharing, for making data and personal content readily available across every Samsung products, Messaging, making it easier to connect with friends, and Mobile Pocket for conducting financial organization and personalization.

What really makes the Applications hyperlink a fantastic resource for Samsung users is that it details all the methods and explanations why people would need technology. The past primary end user task is a Owners web page link. These job provide owners some of the most often inquired regarding technical support issues such as creating the Galaxy 5 cellphone, creating a Samsung korea account, how you can register a device, manuals and downloads, assistance with an purchase, and if that something particular, how to speak to support. Within the main support tab, the secondary task begins by asking you enter the merchandise model number or brand. This gets rid of searching through unnecessary navigation bars, files, and/or lists trying to find the product. Additionally it is helpful to be able to enter the product’s name and/or the unit number. By giving the owner alternatives, it reduces frustration and confusion with regards to finding support on a gadget or app.

Navigation Factors

There’s nothing more frustrating than becoming “lost when traveling on a vacation, and then for website course-plotting there is no difference. When you are certainly not provided sufficient direction, you feel frustrated and begin to experience the gulf of setup. Website users who experience the gaps involving the user and the interface cause the website for being unsuccessful in its intentions. For that reason by having powerful navigation styles and designs the consumer will be able to discover what they search for (Girard, 2010). Website programmers must be aware of the very most effective routing theories and apply those to their website (Mark, 2011). The main navigation supplies the content that a lot of users are interested in. The second navigation delivers information the fact that primary does not cover, although is still appealing to the user. The most popular and simply recognized internet site navigation categories are: submenus, icons/graphics, sitemaps, and search boxes. Samsung korea has designed the most conveniently recognized site navigations within their development.

The main section and subsections of thewebsite are listed on the top rated portion of the site and stay there upon all other webpages. This is a helpful device for the consumer because they may always understand to look at the very best portion of the screen to navigate the primary navigation issues. Samsung uses lots of symbols and design to keep fascination. These device and design are considered “ready to read because it shows what words cannot usually effectively explain. The comprehensive sitemap is once and for all located on the underlying part of the webpages and is separated into groups that are appropriately labeled not merely for the product line, but owner and support information and information about the firm itself ” who they are and what they do. The search box can be found at both the top and bottom in the pages. It can be strategically placed on the right part of the display next to both the main and secondary navigation classes. It can be believed that The samsung company placed it to the correct because that they understand that people read from left to right and will most likely get what they are trying to find before having to resort to keying in to the search field.

Layout Considerations

According to WebBizDesigns. com a website has approximately 3 to 5 seconds to engage the viewer before he/she makes a decision to stay for the page or visit one more site. It is very important that the designer takes great consideration in to the website design and design and style (Mark, 2011). Website design must appeal for the cognitive domain, be easy to read, and appeal to the end user. According to Frank Girard (2010) you will discover six key considerations that need to be made in order to have a prosperous website diamond. These factors are color, readability, nav, browser match ups, SEO, and call to action. Colors which might be complimentary best suited for sparking interest in a site.

Colors must be able to draw attention to specific items enough to invoke fascination, but not too overwhelming or perhaps contrasting to deflect in the main message of the internet site (Mark, 2011). Samsung uses lots of fairly neutral colors using a pop of bright colors to bring curiosity into items that are available for sale. The term “less is more is most suitable for the readability of websites (Mark, 2011). Since there is such as wide range of internet site users, it is important that the readability of the internet site can be conveniently understood by everyone. Samsung provides plenty of vivid pictures that demonstratesproduct implementation, bold and appealing phrases just like “Indulge the Inner Gourmet to gain and maintain interest.

Pertaining to the technical savvy consumer, Samsung provides provided several technical information and proportions for those who understand. Samsung features provided equally primary and secondary web page navigation that is certainly “fixed at both the top rated and underlying part of the web page. This is an excellent way for users to help themselves in the redirection of their website search whenever they become away task or perhaps accidently find their way away from their very own primary purpose. It is very important that appears the same regardless of web browser being utilized. At present there are many web browser options available to web users. Because of the variety of internet browsers available and the mediums that users are employing such as tablets and mobile phones, it is important that the web page is able to cater to various web browsers to ensure that no group of browser users happen to be denied the chance to explore the web page with ease (Martinez, 2008).

In the event you type in Galaxy products, The samsung company will be the 1st hyperlink to appear in most in the major search engines. Samsung is usually known for Galaxy line of mobile phones and tablets. This is a great segway into getting users to see how many other product offerings Samsung offers. Samsung’s proactive approach on their website is easily recognized through their main navigation navigation bars, Discover, Shop, Apps (personalize), and Support (Samsung’s here for you).

Usability Analysis

According to Jim Kapoun, there are five standards for evaluation that are required in testing web site efficiency. These conditions are accuracy and reliability, authority, objectivity, currency, and coverage (Kapoun, 1998). Depending on the powerful web functionality criteria provided, it is apparent that Samsung web developers took great concerns in building a user friendly site that promotes products, services, support, and its company. This is how the reliability of the world wide web document is definitely depicted. When building a website with any sort of intricacy, there are significant tasks that is to be required to get the most through the site. These kinds of tasks must be plain and noticeable towards the users. This answers Kapoun’s question of “What is a purpose of the document and why was it made?  (Kapoun, 1998). With Samsung it truly is clear that they can want the user to discover new items, make a purchase, and discover ways to customize purchased goods.

The web page is property of Samsung korea, therefore no individual has sole exclusive of creating the website. Since The samsung company is such a huge company that operates in person departments just like products and services for home and commercial usage, fundamentals that support education and empowerment of individuals, corporate and investor relations, and regular product development and research, the webmaster can not be limited to a single contact. Depending on need, you will discover avenues of contact, therefore the authority of web files cannot be obviously identified.

The objectivity of the website can be clearly defined throughout the intuitiveness and learnability which make the composite resin designs appear simple and straightforward. This allows the customer to navigate through the site and execute straightforward tasks. This kind of ensures that the site will see web conventions that are prevalent in site designs. The key objective of Samsung. com’s website is to discover new items, make a purchase, customise purchased products, and to develop a loyal consumer bottom by having clients create a Samsung korea account.

The currency in the website is about date. You will find no dead links for the page. The backlinks are current and current. Samsung is incredibly current inside the products that they can be presenting available for sale. The website can be updated by least every single two weeks and is time delicate to holidays and approaching events including graduation and father’s day. It is very important Samsung maintains the currency of their website because of the vast competition that it provides from other technology providers.

The coverage with the web page is not hard to follow and user friendly. The links are certain to the job and they go with the theme of Samsung, to find, shop, customise apps, and support owners. The ratio of photos to text is constantly balanced in order that it is easily realized by all kinds of users. The webpages can be viewed in the most commonly used web browsers including Internet Explorer, Stainless, Firefox, and Opera. This is very important as there are so many ways and vehicles of technology individuals are using to access the internet.

Nielsen Heuristics

Nielsen Heuristics is a wonderful evaluation tool for internet usability research. This register helps eradicate UI problems in web site design. Samsung satisfies at least seven out of the ten heuristics for web usability. The visibility of system position is clear and thoroughly visible within the web page. This can be dependant upon simply inputting in the LINK into the web browser and pressing enter. To get users that have a Samsung. com account, the system position is suggested by a little checkmark for the right of what was created the appropriate discipline to indicate that it is a valid entry. This lets the person know that the program is knowing their suggestions. There is a meet between the system and the actual. The site uses large and relatable photos that show how the products can be applied into daily life. The characteristic photo might show the newest product that Samsung can be marketing, or it may present how Samsung is involved with global consciousness.

The most recent picture and caption on the website is that of Samsung’s Hope for Children Foundation. This base provides meaningful technology to children whom may not have the opportunity to experience it because of their circumstances. The site provides the end user control and freedom by providing primary back links at the top and bottom of each page for easy user accessibility for all that Samsung provides. At any time, customers have the opportunity to possibly explore links or simply type in what they are looking for in the fixed search box that is certainly always located to the proper of the website. The Samsung website fulfills the persistence and criteria heuristic in site design and style as it observes trademark positions at the top remaining and the search bar at the top right together with the log in and shopping cart back links at the top correct. They remain consistent in the names with their products, especially in the cell phone industry.

They provide the person three types of cell phones: Galaxy 5/note, cell phones, and pre-paid/no deal. This retains the user coming from having to slide through most phones to reach the one type of phone he/she is seeking. The mistake prevention heuristic is apparent in your shopping cart section of the website. This shows the consumer at any time on the page precisely what is in their shopping cart software. It also is going to inform the consumer that there is a unique shopping cart for mobile accessories. By categorizing what the consumer is purchasing, he/she may determine accurately if that is what is required and how many other accessories will be needed in order to optimize that product. The person must go throughseveral screens before the total sale is done. This characteristic prevents the consumer from making purchase mistakes.

The flexibility and efficiency of usage heuristic can be demonstrated in the primary duties that give attention to the most common causes of going to the website. The large photos, catchy key phrases, and present giving ideas are essential to the aesthetic style. The muted colors in the back and easy to read font is simple to follow intended for the user plus the bold colors on the monitors of the products draws the users eyes to the products. The help and documentation heuristic is usually evident in the fall list of issue types. The person can type a specific issue and it will become answered inside 24 hours. You will find quick hyperlinks for other ways Samsung can assist the user. If all else fails, the user features several other ways to manually speak to Samsung through phone, email, or through postal mail messages.

Overall, Samsung korea. com is not a stranger to Nielsen’s heuristics and it is noticeable that these considerations were made in order to have an effective internet site and positive UI relationships. Samsung has turned it point to become a firm competitor inside the everyday associated with technology. With the many options for consumers to choose from, Samsung features marketed goods in a easy way to know giving the perception that Samsung is known as a world class corporation. Their website holds the user’s attention with vivid colors and easy to comprehend language along with an easy web page navigation style.


The Samsung internet site provides a secure method to Discover, Shop, Customise, and Troubleshoot products. This kind of aligns with the business desired goals and clear purpose concerning content The samsung company is providing in their website. This makes the website understandable and provides origin to the user to feel strengthened in browsing through Samsung’s offerings. Samsung has clearly considered as the cognitive and affective design in its primary and second tasks, navigation theory application, organizational layout, and powerful implementation from the Nielsen Heuristics.


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