The Soul of the Real India Lives in Its Villages Essay

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Neighborhoods are the spine of a land. The heavens scrapers in cities and metropolitans are having their underlying in towns and staying strait and majestic as a result of backbone, villages. Villages are definitely the mirror of one Nation’s virgin culture, social life and natural beauty.

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Advancement a country is a complete one simply with advancement villages. In case you see the early on history of India, villages are in a essential position in determining the economic current condition of kingdoms. Nevertheless after the breach of British the condition transformed. The town economy was crushed by the Whites for own economical interests.

The artisans, weavers and the workers of cottage industries had been forced to surrender their occupations and to maneuver away from the neighborhoods; because of the monetary policy in the Whites. The only community which usually left out in villages, without any support, was the farming group. That too had to deal with heavy taxation and challenging suppression. This kind of led the wiping out of entire farming sector in the villages.

Big industrial villages and urban centers were started to expand at the expense of villages. Following the independence the federal government gave much important to the villages as well as the rural economic climate, agriculture. First five 12 months plan was formulated completely for Cultivation. The condition of the rural side gradually improved.

Green Revolution and also other programmes were introduced with targeting cultivation and advancement the neighborhoods. The lives of scores of the people in India will be intertwined inseparably with the country life. The socio financial study of any village has become undertaken with the aim of understanding the various difficulty and dynamics at work within an Indian village. The living condition of a village consists of factors like social, financial, political, ethnic, religious and environmental aspects which together influence the lives of rural people.

The importance of study of village is based on the fact the village reveals a microcosm which reflects the larger actuality. This examine sensitizes to problems encountered by town people, their socio monetary condition, and the cultural aspects, their awareness about this current world and their health and educational condition. This kind of study also looks into the questions, if the Green Wave and other key development plan has really impact in country economy, perhaps the latest mantra “Globalization and Information & Technology” offers pulled the villages to a elevated situation.

Kottanathampatti is known as a village inside the Melur taluk of Madurai District, I actually selected this kind of village intended for my asociado economic analyze based on many criteria, primarily it is an rustic village and nearly 80 percent of the personnel and marginal workers are engaged in agricultural sector. The village is known as a compact one particular and having less than 2k population, that too include most communities except Scheduled Tribe. I have made a comprehensive study and tried to analyse the infrastructure, population analysis, economic state, education, health insurance and other facets of this community.

I hereby submit the report based upon the research.

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