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Over the last decade, electronic-based companies such as Samsung and Apple possess collaborated with cellular-phone companies, and have researched the average customer to find unlimited ways to improve the cellular phone. Because of this, the smart phone was born. With the ability to provide users with instant access to communication, entertainment, Internet access, work schedule, news, social networking, and much more, the smart phone changed distinguishly and shifted the path of recent technology. In 2006, Apple started this wave with their discharge of the i phone.

Staying the initially proper smart phone, many other firms attempted to imitate the unparalleled unchallenged, unsurpassed features and technology that Apple experienced included with the iPhone. Nevertheless many acquired failed to do so , Yahoo managed to maintain the i phone with their Android os software. In no time, Google’s Google android software started to be the major smart phone structured software pertaining to smart phones not manufactured by Apple. Because of this, Google android phones came into existence just as popular as iPhones. This paper will check out the similarities and differences between the two Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android.

A single major likeness between the iPhone and Android phones is their form. For example , the different models of the i phone have been similar in shape, which is often noted in their rectangular condition and rounded corners. This exact shape can also be noticed in many of the Google android phones, like the Samsung Galaxy and Htc-evo. iPhones and Android mobile phones have also been noted for their large touch displays occupying most of the front space of the mobile phone, and their job in routing in place of classic buttons found on non-smart phones.

Though the trend of the rectangular condition, rounded sides, and large display screen has cause many arguments regarding who originally designed the structure, manufacturers use this because the basic structure for their iphones. Though the i phone and Android appear to be much the same, they have more differences than they do commonalities. For example , because of Android’s bijou of above thirty mobile phone manufacturers, there are currently seventy-seven different models of Android cell phones.

However , because of the act that Apple refuses to allow other manufacturers to work with the iPhone’s IOS software, there are simply six models of the iPhone. Differences in appearance are obvious as well. For example , higher-end Google android phones had been noted because of their screens that are much larger than that of the iPhone. Yet , this limits the screen’s resolution, which can be much greater around the iPhone for this very reason. Another likeness between the i phone and Android os are their very own features. For example , both add a high-resolution camera and MP3 player.

In terms of connection, they equally allow 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi interconnection. Like most modern iphones, they are both based on very similar downloadable applications, and both include a very similar app-store. Like the iPhone, the Android also includes a similar notification center, allowing users to view a log of missed phone calls, text messages, and other notifications coming from apps. Mentioned previously prior, iPhone and Google android share most of the same applications, and both display similarities in their iphone app stores. However , the systems of programs for both types of phone happen to be almost entirely different.

For instance , the applications on the iPhone are of higher quality than that of the Android, and there is a much increased selection. However , Android telephones allow users to down load applications by third party sources, and the Google android app store is a lot less tight to developers than that of the iPhone. Aside from applications, the software of both iphones display variations as well. For example , the i phone is known because of its simplicity and user-friendliness, while the Android is well known for permitting users to customize anything down to the theme of its keyboard counterpart.

In conclusion, as the iPhone and Android is very much very similar initially, it is obvious that they have even more differences chances are they do similarities. Because of this, both iPhone plus the Android commonly tend to attract different sets of people based on what they imagine should be within a smart phone, whether or not they prefer the iPhone’s simplicity and high quality applications, or the Android’s customizability and larger variety of programs.

As to the wise phone has become incredible over the last half a dozen years, it will eventually continue to do it as consumers continue to purchase what smartphone fits all of them personally. This will evidently lead to new features, advanced screens, further personalization capabilities, and much more, partaking in the further more evolution from the smart phone. Ultimately, the progression of the smart phone will bring further advancement to modern technology.


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