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The name of the well known lumination house can be La Jument. It is found in Brittany, Portugal. The lighthouse is built on the rock about 300 meters from the coast of the island of Ushant in the middle of the ocean. Construction of this light-house began in 1904 yet wasn’t done until 1911 due to the hard seas and weather conditions. The west shoreline of Northern France has long been known for their rough seas. This heavily trafficked marine line activities severe weather during most of the year.

This place has experienced many shipwrecks over the decades. Including one accident, the wreck with the steam deliver Drummond Castle in June, 1896, was responsible for the deaths of nearly two hundred fifty people. Between years 1888 and 1904 thirty-one boats were wrecked there. The construction was taken care of privately with a wealthy Frenchman who had practically lost his life in a shipwreck.

La Jument 1st became well-known through a series of pictures taken by Jean Guichard in 1989. To take these kinds of pictures Jean Guichard employed a heli to travel over the Iroise Sea throughout a very risky storm.

The notorious pictures, as well named La Jument, had been taken about December 21, 1989 with the lighthouse owner Theodore Malgorn, who was captured in the lighthouse during a risky storm with gale power winds and surge waves of over 20 meters.

The waves from this storm broke through the windows of the lighthouse, tore the leading door off, and overloaded the inside of tower holding all the household furniture out with it. Theodore Malgorn was taking haven in the lantern room expecting a save helicopter when he went exterior to see a heli hired for taking pictures where he almost dropped his life when a huge wave came crashing all over the lighthouse only barley escaping death keeping his existence in a matter of seconds.

These types of series of images taken by Blue jean Guichard motivated many spots to take the protection of light-house keepers more seriously. The improved technology and elevated mechanization have recently made lighthouse keepers unnecessary. Today in the U. S i9000. all of our lighthouses are computerized except for one out of Boston, that has been the first one created on the shores. A large number of lighthouses are no longer needed due to advancements in technology making traveling the coast safer. Some lighthouses are now being flipped over to the us government or different organizations to keep them taken care of for upcoming generations to understand about their place in the history of your country.


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