Is Violence in Film Realistic? Essay

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Enough was a movie made in 2002 featuring Jennifer Lopez as the female business lead character. The plot of the story centers about Thin Hiller, played out by Jennifer Lopez, who may be a young mom and is committed to an abusive husband.

After years of mistreatment, she goes out but continue to be hide her identity and her child’s. Time and time again her husband detects them, and Slim must again go through violence as a result of her hubby. Eventually, Slim realizes that she will under no circumstances escaper her husband and must come up with a different strategy if she is ever to live freely once again. She discovers to defend himself and sets a snare for her hubby.

When he abuses her next time, it will be the very last time, mainly because she gets rid of him in self defense. This can be a great actions packed movie but not very realistic with regards to depicting domestic violence against women. Domestic violence can be messy, physically and psychologically, and never comes as neatly packed as in the movie.

Domestic assault victims will be women who have struggled with an abusive husband for a long time. She has kids, and no methods to support herself. She is physical and emotionally dependent on the person that surpasses her. A domestically mistreated woman hardly ever leaves her husband, and she spends the bulk of her life balancing between tolerating the physical abuse and trying to mollify, pacify, placate her partner. Women who are battered in real life tend not to want or get payback.

Abused females do not need to eliminate their husbands they just want to be left alone. Likewise, in real world domestic physical violence is much more refined and often leads to death in the woman not really the man. Describing domestic physical violence in film does two contrasting items. The interpretation can bring to light society’s epidemic of domestic assault. However , because it is a movie, and fiction it may easily be dismissed – as just a movie!

That stuff seriously domestic violence was not described realistically in Enough. Film production company was intended to be an action packed story the place that the good young lady wins, sadly that under no circumstances happens in real life. Functions Cited Enough. Dir. Eileen Apted.

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