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Mise En Scene

Film Analysis, Girl Prisons, Cinematography, Costumes

Excerpt from A2 Coursework:

Film Examination Worksheet Karmen Gei as well as Wednesday August 14, 2015

Karmen Gei

Director, Season

Joseph Gai Ramaka, 2001

Mode (for instance, adaptation)

Adopted from novel; inspired by Carmen.

Approximate period code (beg. – end. ) of selected scene

Title or perhaps brief information of collection

Opening boogie scene

Quantity of shots in selected series

What happens, with the level of plan or fréquentation, in this collection?

As a musical technology sequence, that sets the tone intended for the film and introduces the audience to the main figure and the overarching themes including sexuality plus the cultural restrictions upon women of color. The dancer seduces a female prison safeguard into dance, and when that happens, the entire band of women share their pleasure through their very own bodies.

What role does this sequence perform within the larger action of the film (e. g. increasing action, orgasm, turning point, exposition, character development, motifs, habits, etc . )?

This scene is critical pertaining to character advancement and the annotation of designs related to girl sexuality, since the sequence showcases the ways women contradict patriarchal power and interpersonal control of their bodies.

9) In a phrase, state the complete theme (implicit meaning) of the film.

Girls can remain in control of all their sexuality and power simply by subverting patriarchy.

Take notes on the following formal elements of your chosen series.

10) Cinematography. Note composition, lighting, camera movement, off-screen space, color, depth of field (focus/off-focus) etc .

Formula shifts coming from focus on the women and face expressions, to their bodies and overarching pictures of the complete courtyard viewing the boogie. Wide interesting depth of field, except during close-ups of women and body. Camera draws out to uncover the prison.

Meanings. Take note the ways when the formal element contributes to the understanding of the theme you’ve identified.

The director displays the women are fully in control of their electric power and libido by trimming between all their smiling confronts and the viewers members, who also are depersonalized. The camera pulls out to reveal the prison establishing, with a profound sense of irony.

11) Mise-en-scene. Usage of props, models, costuming, lighting, etc .

Mid-range and close shots in the women, uncovering their facial expressions; then the costumes put on by the Senegalese in the audience. The dancer is also discalcedunshod in the beginning scene.


The superiority of Senegalese traditional lifestyle, even in the middle of colonialism and a post-colonial society; the power of women actually in a patriarchal society. Getting barefoot

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