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Excerpt from Dissertation:

Journey into Night time

It is an paradox of Eugene O’Neill’s career that his large-scale expressionist dramas in the 1920s and 1930s – which gained Pulitzers for works just like Strange Interlude and eventually the Nobel Prize in Literature to get O’Neill himself – appear to have dropped entirely out of the repertory, and O’Neill can be remembered chiefly for his least feature plays: Very long Day’s Journey Into Evening and The Iceman Cometh. O’Neill’s biographers Arthur and Barbara Gelb remember that not only do these plays share an excessive central anxiety about alcohol, O’Neill also “set both in 1912” and to some extent Long Day’s Journey “can be considered to be its sequel” (Gelb and Gelb 506). The posthumous publication and staging with this autobiographical household drama Eugene O’Neill’s classic American home-based drama Long Day’s Journey Into Night time has increased the question of why O’Neill apparently help back the perform during his lifetime. At some level the integrity of its depiction of alcoholism seems to have been an excessive amount of for him to recognize publicly, corresponding precisely together with the metaphoric use of alcohol inside the Iceman Cometh as a means of avoiding the truth through “pipe dreams. inches In Iceman the embittered ex-radical Larry, who serves as Greek refrain in O’Neill’s saloon-room impressive, summarizes the alcoholic’s “pipe dreams” in this way: “The lie of a pipe dream is what provides life for the whole misbegotten mad large amount of us, drunk or dry. And that’s enough philosophic perception to give you for starters drink of rot-gut” (Iceman 9). Quite simply, the enjoy about addiction to alcohol which O’Neill staged during his life time insists for the similarities of the “pipe dreams” of alcoholics as an expressionist type of what motivates everyone else. In Long Day’s Journey, even though, alcohol takes on a different that means – not as a determination for everyone else, but as a pathology particular to artwork. Over the course of the morning which provides the play with their brooding name, the Tyrone family interacts with alcohol – starting, relatively, at lunch break – and alcohol is usually present and visible onstage, like a baleful additional character within the confines of O’Neill’s small-cast holding chamber drama. I am hoping to demonstrate the image of liquor is purposely used to induce a set of certain assocations which in turn cluster surrounding the word Jamie uses to describe his ingesting – “romantic. ” Let me show just how O’Neill clusters the imagery and the use of alcohol in the play around 3 different ideas of the “romantic, ” in the sense of erotic, foolish, and sublime or death-dealing (in its symptoms as the precise aesthetic with the Romantic movement). But in bottom line I will talk about alcohol’s position within the play’s larger treatment of addictive chemicals generally, plus the way in which alcoholic beverages is actually O’Neill’s ultimate hint to the play’s meaning, through its role in the dramatic climax of the play’s closing moments.

The set of organizations adhering to alcoholic beverages that I would love to identify among any others in Long Day’s Journey into Night is one that I will loosely term “Romantic. ” It is important that I actually do not employ this fictional and artistic term out of thin air – it is the word found in the play by Jamie Tyrone, inside the culminating research he gives to his brother Edmund in inspecting their own marriage. Jamie statements that he has always been an obstacle in his brother’s lifestyle, because of a feature in his very own psychology that he specifies thus:

… Or perhaps part

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