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In 2014, is it doesn’t 12th most populated country in the world. Excellent growth charge of 1. 89% per year. In 2013 human population of 98, 734, 798 and 2014 population of 100, 617, 630 in the Philippines. This year, the census results present that the population increased practically 16 million from the 2k census results. The growth level has stunted slightly from your previous census, down to 1 . 89% by 2 . 34%. The Philippines’ largest city is Quezon City, which in turn contains two, 679, 400.00 people and makes up regions of Manila with 16 metropolitan areas, containing 25 million people which is higher than a quarter of the Philippines population.

The growth rate is so high that now three babies a minute are staying born.



-After its period under the The spanish language empire the main religion inside the Philippines is definitely Catholic, this means that under all their religion contraception is unacceptable to be employed. This leads to a greater birth-rate because of the lack of contraception used.


-The level of education is incredibly poor, especially on contraceptive and intimate education. This is not helped by Roman Catholic Church who have are against contraceptives.


-The government refuse to provide free beginning controls because of its citizens.

-The nation is also in turmoil, its church is incredibly powerful (Catholic)


-Food shortages, shortage of housing resulting in high density slums which distributed disease quicker also increasing poverty. Unemployment is large as well as a exhaustion in methods. -Despite their economic expansion, this still hasn’t converted into a larger employment level.


-Low GDP as low food sums, to stop this kind of governments might have to rely on international debt -With high unemployment meaning that there exists more monetary strain in those that will be in work. -The Philippines positions in one of the most detrimental countries by the World Bank of starting a business. This means that the government avoid collect enough income tax meaning they cannot enhance the infrastructure and other aspects of the areas. -There really are a high numberof Filipinos operating abroad, there is also a worry the particular may be time for the country, exactly where will they live? One more problem with this is certainly that these Filipinos with businesses take them anywhere else to grow as in the Philippine sit is hard to get started on it up.


-Typhoon’s, eliminate crops and housing leading to shanty community populations to increase rapidly.

-Higher polluting of the environment levels from the shanty neighborhoods, despite persons picking out possessions through junk and advertising them about.

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