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ADVANTAGES Manipur is found on the North-eastern part of India, and is part of the several sister states. Manipur is one of the seven declares of Northeast India. The state is bound by Nagaland in the north, by Mizoram in the southern, by Assam in the west, through the borders of the region Burma inside the east along with the to the south. The state capital of Manipur is Imphal.

The state lies at lat. of 23°83’N – 25°68’N and longitude of 93°03’E – 94°78’E. The total region covered by the state of hawaii is twenty two, 347 km². The capital is based on an oval-shaped valley of approximately 700 rectangular miles (2, 000 km2) surrounded by green mountains and is also at an elevation of 790 metres over a sea level.

The slope of the pit is coming from north to south. There are four significant river basins in Manipur State, the Barak River Basin (Barak Valley) for the west, the Manipur Water Basin in central Manipur, the Yu River Container in the east, and a part of the Lanye River Basin in the north. The total drinking water resources of Barak and Manipur lake basins will be about 1 . 8487 Mham. The overall water balance of the state sums to zero.

7236 The Barak river, the largest riv of Manipur, originates in the Manipur Hillsides and is signed up with by a volume of tributaries including the Irang, Maku, and Tuivai. The Manipur river pot has eight major rivers: the Manipur, Imphal, Iril, Nambul, Sekmai, thchakpi, Thoubal and Khuga. All these estuaries and rivers originate from the nearby hills. These types of rivers are corrosive in nature and assume thrashing form in the rainy period.

Flora and Fauna: – Manipur provides a good plants and creatures and is one of the most scenic declares of India. Blessed with an amazing types of flora and fauna, the hills covered by forests constituting 67% of the geographical part of Manipur, hold the tourist spell bound. Nong_in is the state bird of Manipur. One of the most unique creature is Sangai-the brow antlered and plants on the Loktak Lake sustains small herds of this native to the island and vulnerable cervid on the globe.

Manipur provides two significant divisions Imphal and Churachandpur. Imphal can be described as large metropolis compared to various other cities in Manipur. Imphal has a very good tourism potential with scenic rivers moving through their terrain. The tourism office is attempting to make Imphal exciting and bring in tourists from across the country.

Purchasing centres will be slowly moving into Imphal. Imphal is additionally developing around the economic the front, with business people trying to faucet the business potential in Imphal. The Loktak Lake is a popular floating pond in Imphal, where people come in large numbers to relax on comfortable fishing boat houses. Vacationers are sure to be captivated by the calmness which encompases the lake, and is a preferred destination for tourists requiring break from other hectic timetable. Churachandpur is yet another better created city in Manipur, simply second to Imphal..

This town of Churachandpur remains unexploited by visitors, because of the durable terrain. This town attracted various investors throughout the late nineteenth century. Tourism in the community hasn’t created to its potential. A lot of scenic and beautiful locations remain inaccessible, a cause of matter for the authorities. Tourists need not end up being disappointed mainly because these sites happen to be opening up and offer a lot of opportunities to get tourists.

The great tourist discovery: – The wondrously small Shangrila and “a jewelled land” Manipur is a veritable paradise that is known where mother earth has been extra generous in her resources. Manipur claims to be the superb tourist breakthrough discovery of the 21st century. With an oval formed valley between blue green hills, abundant in arts and tradition it includes inspired information such as the “Switzerland of the East’ with stumbling rivers, carpets and rugs of flowers, exotic blossoms and lazy lakes. The folks and the tribes of Manipur includes Meities, Nagas and kukis, chin-Mizo groups and other colourful residential areas which have occupied complete balance for centuries.

Civilizations and practices: Manipur is actually a state which has different lifestyle, when compared to the other parts of India. The people below speak Manipuri and are pretty cozy and friendly towards visitors. Manipur is known as a mosaic of traditions and cultural patterns. In the field of skill and traditions. The state is the most suitable represented by simply its traditional and folkdance forms.

A spring event, the “Lai Horaoba” held in April/May can be symbolised by a traditional, stylised and ritualistic dance performed for peacefulness and abundance. Theatre and society in Manipur are intimately linked, as with many regions of the world. Manipuris are a widely enthusiastic persons. Cultural soul has never been allowed to be blown out inspite of the area’s remoteness from the outside world.

This is why it still gows best in the Manipur valley. Key tourists interesting attractions: – The main tourist attractions inside the State, amongst others, are exciting lakes, very nice green hillsides and landscapes, historic monuments. Apart from the above refer to tourists attractions of Manipur. The shree shree Govindajee Temple near the old Structure of the Maharaja of Manipur attracts many pilgrimage visitors. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To learn how the natural splendor of Manipur could become a major appeal for the tourists.

To spot and check out the art and culture of Manipur as a great attraction to get the tourists. To study the present status of tourism in Manipur. To learn how tourism can be developed in Manipur. To identify the obstacles in tourism advancement. To offer a plan to formulate and boost tourism facilities in the state, along with a online marketing strategy.

PRIMARY DATA 1 . I will be collecting information through a set of questions. 8. What do you think or consider the local lenders of Manipur (a) Friendly ( ), (b) Inhospitable ( ), (c) Indifferent ( ). 12. In your opinion what steps should be taken up to attract the vacationers in going to Manipur.

SUPPLEMENTARY DATA Supplementary data gathered were; studies, articles, journals, books and other documents and in addition websites. Research of data: Both primary and secondary data will be review and highlited on the task reports. Tentative chapterization Part – you: Introduction Chapter- 2: Normal heritage of Manipur Chapter- 4: Present state or perhaps status of Manipur tourism Chapter- 6: Conclusion REFERENCES Northeast Today. Retrieved 25 Dec, 2012 Manipur Tourism, published simply by Tourism Department, Govt. of Manipur A Tourist heaven: E. Ishorjit singh, W. R posting cororation, june 2006 Manipur earlier and present, naorem sanajaoba www.Tourism_manipur www.Manipur_tourism_policy_2011

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