Traditional Food in Negeri Sembilan Essay

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Negeri Sembilan has many classic foods. One of the famous traditional foods in Negeri Sembilan is Rendang. Rendang is a food which could eat along with another meals such as rice, bread, lemang and also ketupat. You can also just eat Rendang without along with other food. Rendang have got flavored on its own that can produce every person love to it.

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The key material for making Rendang is usually meat. We can use any meat just like cow, zoysia, chicken and anything that can be eaten. One more material all of us put inside Rendang are definitely the coriander, fennel seed, dried chilies, black paper, reddish colored onion, turmeric, coconut dairy, grid and also tamarind. You will discover two types of Rendang which are wet type and dried up type.

It had been called wet type because it was make in short some the coconut milk was not evaporated totally. The color of this wet Rendang is more lumination golden brownish and paler. It can not be keep to get long about less than a week.

In dried type, Rendang was diligently stirred and cooked all day until the coconut milk totally evaporated as well as the meats absorb the spices completely. Colour of dried up Rendang is definitely dark brown and almost black. Pertaining to the dried out Rendang, it might be stored higher than a month but still good to consume. Every person contains a different preference, which is why Rendang have two sorts that can be chosen.

Serunding as well made from Rendang but it was a different type. Rendang was cooked until completely dry and blended. It will last for many years to store than Rendang.

Serunding is the traditional food coming from Kelantan.

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