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Identify an important idea in the textual content. Explain just how visual and verbal features showed you that this idea was crucial An important idea in the film Mena Creek, directed simply by Jacob Aaron Estes in the Loss of innocence/Coming of age since when within the film nearly all character in which they no longer change a lot and think about it up until George’s death they’re changed a whole lot and they consider like a adult and adult person showing how to treat the brand new situation in front of them.

We can see this in the Wake Scene. The verbal and visual features that allowed me to understand is which is an important idea in the utilized are tracking, close-up, dialogue and low/high angle. First of all, the overseer has used the dialogue approach in this film to show that how the character types are feeling about it. Such as we can see that after Rocky inform Sam that “What will you be trying to say, Sam? You will need to trust me with this Sam. I’m your close friend.  In that case Sam notify his sibling that “But I may trust you. We can see this that now Mike has ease the turn to Rocky and they now may trust the other person which is the huge loss of innocence/coming of age among Sam and Rocky. It was important as it tell us that how people lose trust of each various other when they are in this situation inside their real life in order that characters in the film in addition has loosen their particular trust with each other. Secondly, the director has used close-up way to show us that emotions or perhaps feeling of the characters.

There are countless examples with this but the main two illustrations for this are first the George’s enjoy and second Millie stabbing the snail. First example was crucial because this represents us which the time can be gonna modify and we may also say that the time has ended. Second case was important because this displays us that something continues to be snapped inside herself. This kind of close-up technique was crucial in the film because this reveal that George has died and she thinks that she is a killer and she will become reminded of this in her whole life which has been the loss of innocence/coming of age with her.

Thirdly, the director has used the low/high angle technique used in this to share us how scary, strong or weaker, nicer, scary the person can be. We can see this by a good example from the film which is a deal with between Clyde and Marty with Rugged intervening which in turn show us as soon as that the way the relationship have been changed among Rocky, Clyde and Marty but generally about Clyde and Marty. This is a vital moment since Clyde was always very good with Marty now he can very awful. They are also close to one another.

This was essential to the film because it lets us know that Clyde is a good person and he believes good for other people when getting into the most severe situation so like him there are also people in the world who have are good however they become poor when getting into this situation. Total the representative has used these types of three important techniques to tell us about every single character thoughts and who is the fully developed person of. He has additionally used lots of things which symbolises to all of us in our day ” to ” day life’s one example is in close ” up he is using George’s watch which represents us the fact that time can be gonna alter or the time has stopped for the minute.

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