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Unrest and war

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Prof. Renato Constantino, in the essay entitled “The Miseducation of the Filipino”, writes regarding the coming about of the miseducation and the outcomes of this kind of action in the lives with the Filipinos, in that case, now, and maybe the future. Marketing and imposing the “unFilipino” identity in Filipinos was the miseducation that Americans pursued during the time after they “posed” as being a benevolent friend to the Korea, and they turned out victorious indeed because they’d completely subjugated the Filipinos, both in heads and in hearts.

Education is a very vital factor for one’s development. And since we all know, through education, your mind is definitely molded because of the teachings, suggestions, and principles taught to him. Therefore, it’s simply either with the two that will happen: the individual will become effective provided that he was taught with the obligation things, or perhaps, the person will become otherwise since he attained negative things.

Personally, I learned and realized a lot of things about a history and romance between the Us citizens and the Filipinos upon reading this paper.

It is quite intriguing what the major causes really had been the Us citizens in taking power over the Philippines. Was it intended for the good with the Filipinos or the Americans’ very good? Whatever it was, they been successful in almost every element of conquering the land since they recognized the most effective way to subjugate Filipinos minds: simply by controlling our education.

They created a fresh generation of good colonials, the “unFilipino” Filipinos. The native ways of life of Filipinos had been converted to the American way of life. That was silly because certainly, America and Philippines vastly differed coming from each other in so many methods, and therefore, their very own ways of life based on all their differing needs should be entirely different. Nevertheless the Americans insisted on setting up a “carbon-copy” of themselves in Filipinos through the imposition of their language in their education.

I actually went to general and high school in the Israel, and I know for a fact they utilized both English and Tagalog as the media of teaching. In the end, I think this kind of resulted in both equally positive and negative methods — absolutely, because I had been uprooted towards the U. H. and I was able to use the “smattering” English I realize to get in touch with others, and negatively, mainly because as I have just realized, I believe the “impediment” in my thought process because I am unable to think regularly in one vocabulary.

All in all, I liked this kind of piece since it reiterates the importance of education to not simply produce well written people but also to produce people who could use that education to better their land.

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