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Remington Hotel is located near LEVA 3, beside the Resorts World Manila. The hotel is good but has its own flaws which has a need to work with knowing the resort is scored as 4-star. As a hotel, they must fix and maintain services as it is required. But when all of us arrived towards the hotel, certainly one of their interior planning is certainly not functioning, the industry demerit for his or her hotel. Without personnel from the department of repair can be fixing that. The hall of the hotel is very simple, like a 4-star lodge, being elegant yet beautiful is a must, but, we seemed we are in a dormitory as we walked through the hallway and corridors.

The elevator is well functioning, the good thing about their escalator is all their ving credit card system, where in a guests can only visit a certain floors where his/her room can be found. The room is okay. I cannot say that is incredibly good because it doesn’t provides a mini club which is among the requirements of any guest room, also, the toilet is certainly not spacious, and it does not have a bath tub.

Likewise, I did not noticed their spa and fitness center, which I doubted they have and their meeting halls.

Their personnel will be accommodating, attractive, and practice being delete word. The female personnel’s hair happen to be in bun, they put on a light constitute, and right uniform, while men personnel’s hair will be properly trimmed, and they wear proper standard. Another thing We am interested in is all their reception area is far from the doors from the hotel. That we think will not work for the reason that guests will certainly still try to find it instead of seeing that upon entering the motel.

Resorts Globe Manila is a very beautiful, luxurious place for unwinding, relaxation, and naturally, for entertainment. It is an all-in-one establishment. Excellent casino, a lineup of first class pubs and golf equipment, restaurants, plus the Newport shopping center. But , there are several downsides. In order to enter the institution, you must be 18 years old and over, or combined with an adult, you must have enough cash to roam around the vicinity, of course , this is a place for wealthy people.

The Seminars all of us attended once we had the hotel travel is very good for each and every one of us students especially when we previously entered the Tourism and Hospitality Sector. From Food Management, though it is not great because it is sensitive, and it has been already discussed by the dearest Prof. Elizabeth Guevarra. It is necessary for us or in other words that when the reason for writing this is to enter F&B sector, we know how to operate it and how we can serve our friends finely. We can easily serve them in the easiest way. In F&B sector, competence of the skills is a must in order to get appreciated by the large number of friends coming in on your food business.

The Getting and Expense Control Workshop we had at Genting Celebrity Tourism Schools (GSTA) is incredibly helpful for us when we chose to have our own food organization in the near future or perhaps we want to become a purchaser of the restaurant or in the motel. We can use what we learned form the workshop to fit in with the standards to be a certified buyer or a foodstuff establishment owner.

The Front Workplace Management workshop we had again, at GSTA, is one among my favorite seminars we had, all of us learned a lot, and it is very beneficial and favorable for a few who wants to take front office of a resort or Cruise liner. We learned that there is a separate reservation program from hotel and cruiseship. There is Ie Full Services, and Fidelio Cruise. Both used as being a reservation system and it is easy to use.

The House Keeping Seminar there were at GSTA helped us a lot seeing that we knew that lots of Basic Managers or at least top personnel in the motel are from your housekeeping office because that they know almost all of the circulations in the hotel. Inside the lecture, the speaker advised us that as a home keeper who needs to constitute 16 areas in 2 hours, he must get a number of helper to help the home keeper away and not producing himself staying in a hurry.

When cleaning an extra room, a family house keeper need to clean initially the ceiling, then the wall space, and lastly the ground. As we had our pickup bed making demonstration from one from the graduates and employee of GSTA, we learned that as you make the bed, you must operate complementing becoming fast and working with sophistication. To be better, a housekeeper must operate the way that he/she could be more comfortable with. We all learned that it can be much easier to miter the bed linens if you use your knees to lift up the mattress. Also, a family house keeper need to wear comfortable clothes to move freely and make the foundation very well.

After the said demonstration about housekeeping, we got the chance to try making our own beds in our rooms in hotels. When we get back to our respective rooms, were ordered to help make the bed and take photos for documentations. But unfortunately, the house keeper and other �curies of Remington Hotel and Marsman Drysdale designated 15 students in a single bed which in turn made all of us a bit irritated because we can not be able to implement our trial very well. This our photo documentation to get bed producing:

My roommates are Jerome Paul Misa and Rich Mark Oliveros. Martin Tioseco is not really our roomie but this individual decided to have his foundation making trial with us considering that the employees are rushing all of us and we have no time to make the bed group by group.

a. Just before Return-Demonstration Types of procedures

b. While taking care of Bed Making Procedures

c. Finish Product of any Well-Made Pickup bed Set-up

The theme park is not merely for Places to stay, Casino, Malls, and Pubs, they also have the Newport Performing Arts Movie theater in in which we watched the Full and I demonstrate, it is also an excellent experience for people to enter the theatre of Places World Manila. Also, they offer free shuttle service service pertaining to guests who also checked-in in their corresponding hotels: Maxims Hotel, Marriott Resort, and Remington Hotel. Likewise, it is offered free to get Resorts Universe Member which usually we got for the night of time 1 . Resorts World Manila offers totally free membership greeting card for everyone to earn points and as an ID to the Resorts World Manila.


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