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Albert Bandura

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Nursing Education

You are starting to develop a fundamental course for the beginning breastfeeding student. Since nurses and educators, we know that learning expertise require practice, drill, and observation. These essential abilities form the starting foundation of proficiencies that the student nurse needs in order to efficiently move forward. As you review the course content, you have decided that you want to utilize the learning theory that provides the learner with an opportunity to not simply master the start skills through practice yet also definitely construct expertise while collaborating with other folks.

This class has opened my eyes to numerous aspects to education that we previously was unaware of. I seriously support the Social Intellectual Theory which usually incorporates learning through statement, personal, and environmental factors proposed by simply Albert Bandura. There are five areas which usually connect college students to learning which includes: observational learning and building, outcome objectives, perceived self-efficacy, goal setting, and self-regulation (Denler, Wolters, Benzon, 2013). My spouse and i am currently working in the clinical setting providing education, competencies, and skills for expanding their particular current function of practice. The need for these kinds of proficiencies should be to facilitate and support the newest policies and procedures staying implemented requiring nursing to work with their full guard licensing and training potential.

In my classroom, We would choose a pedagogical approach to creating the tables that form groups of 4 or 5 so that once students picture a demonstration or learn a new concept or task they can discuss and collaborate with others around them. According to Juhary (2012) “seating layout has helped the process of instructing and learning, and that equally students and the instructor gain benefit from this kind of practice. As being a pedagogical device, the layout allows the trainer to identify college students who will be weak and ultimately to arrange for activities and select supplies that can assist learning” (p 15). By utilizing or implementing the andragogical setting or “adult learning theory” as represented of Malcom Knowles through “The Adult Learning, inch (2013) the learner “instruction should be task-oriented instead of memorization – learning activities must be in the framework of prevalent tasks to get performed by others. inches

Looking at adult learners, I should be aware of the student’s learning styles to make use of reasonable ways of enrich the ability. Motivation must be addressed and people’s capacities and potentialities must be designed as they produce choices and seek control of their

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