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Registered Nurse

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Nursing work at the ER

Nursing work at the Emergency Room (ER)

The interviewee is Eric Johnson, a Registered Nurse (RN) in the Er (ER) of Toledo Medical center. He has become an IM OR HER RN intended for seven (7) years right now. Scheduling the interview with him was challenging, while nurses operate many several hours, and Joshua managed to commit a small amount of time for the interview because the interviewer is his friend.

The type of education/certification/experience does the health professional have?

Breastfeeding work in the ER is known as a specialization by itself. Thus, EMERGENY ROOM nurses receive continuous education, certification to different areas of nursing expertise certain to EMERGENY ROOM work, plus the experience on its own in the SER is valuable enough for the nurse to get experienced in different aspects of technical/medical hospital operate. Formally, the interviewee have been trained in simple life support, advanced cardiac life support, neonatal advanced life support, pediatric advanced life support, intravenous therapy, training for emergency room. Hospital function itself is actually a continuing education pertaining to ER RNs: they have a monthly lecture and two (2) weeks of hands-on work.

What kind of orientation or mentorship would the health professional receive in transition to his position as an RN?

The interviewee was hired particularly as a great ER nurse. Thus, this individual did not experience a change; however , the process in the hospital he performs in is that for nursing staff who happen to be in a ward of the hospital, he/she should have a year of experience to be able to transfer to ER. The one-year period enables the nurses to equip themselves with the required knowledge and skills needed in EMERGENY ROOM nurses. This process is actually a expression of how EMERGENY ROOM nurses should be more educated and competent because of the essential role that they play in delivering health care service inside the shortest time period and/or in the direst instances.

What are the responsibilities of the nurse in the current location? Who does he work as a part of their multidisciplinary health staff?

ER nursing staff are expected to learn a multitude of duties, which includes keep work and ER function, and can range between administrative/managerial to technical. The interviewee’s duties include sufferer assessment, choix, carrying out of doctor’s requests, independent nursing care, recommendation to the ward, coordinating with co-ER staff and doctors in case the patient needs to be transferred to another hospital. The interviewee emphasized the importance of the last responsibility described, which was coordination among co-ER staff – that is, different ER nurses and doctors. It is with this last responsibility that the interviewee realizes the criticality of his work as an ER nurse. If not effectively managed or perhaps coordinated, SER patients go through the consequences, and the interviewee thinks that he has failed his role while

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