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Cerebral Palsy

Play Therapy, Physical Therapy, Group Therapy, Remedy

Excerpt from Capstone Project:

This research will tie together the research that has preceded this in this area.


This analysis will result in increased patient final results, which will profit the patients, skilled medical facilities, work-related therapists and also other stakeholders.

Desired goals

This project will focus on ways to decide when occupational therapy can be helpful for people and when it will not likely be of benefit.

CLEVER Process Targets

This exploration will result in a deliverable that may present the results in the data received during the research study. This file will present the literature review, data and analysis through the research study. This kind of research will provide a data break down as to the conditions and initial assessment categories of the people. It will assess the effectiveness of occupational remedy for each of the patient classes.


The main element deliverable for this project will be the final report detailing the conduct, info, and effects of the study.

Success Criteria

The task will be a accomplishment if differences are found which can be predictive from the outcome of occupational therapy in experienced nursing facility patients.

Proper Plan


Completion Time

Design Study and find almost all study devices

March 1, 2011

Execute Literature Assessment

July one particular, 2011

Get in touch with Skilled Breastfeeding Facilities, Get Permissions and Make Arrangements

Aug 1, 2011

Conduct Baselines

September one particular, 2011

Conduct Second Group of Measurements

January 1, 2011

Conduct Third Set of Measurements

March one particular, 2011

Carry out Fourth Pair of Measurements

September 1, 2011

Data Research

October you, 2011

Last Report Composing and Editing

December 23, 2011

Display of Final Record

January one particular, 2012

Risk Management/Support Tactics

The key risk in this examine is the failure to assess certain patients because of their physical condition. For instance, they might not be able to talk, or to physically react to the assessment questionnaire. In these cases, the healthcare professionals will be enrolled to help finish the analysis. Another risk is that the sample population may change between beginning and the end in the study. The final study will probably be assessed in line with the number of people who actually complete the study.


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In the current time, the online surveys and instruments that will be utilized in the final evaluation have not be created or perhaps obtained.

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