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The economic prowess placed by a particular country is among the most decisive factors in becoming a community superpower. A country’s overall economy is one of the the majority of influential factors that is needed in order to achieve control and domination inside the international financial arena. Consequently, individual countries strive hard to strengthen it is economy. Every country evolves its own economic policies which it believes can increase their probabilities and functions of growing its marketplace in the foreign arena, consequently, extending it is influence over other more compact and less effective countries.

One of the best and most proven economy over the history is that of the United States of America. Over a certain period, their economic climate has been proved to be highly powerfulk. Their economic policies have already been focused on locating a variety of strategies to strengthen their influence upon foreign marketplaces. On the other hand Mexico although a rising economy, has been confirmed to be dependent on the American economy (“Mexico’s Economy,  2008).

Hence, Mexico endures the drastic consequences brought about by the slump or success experienced by the economy in the U. T.

The U. S Economy The U. S economy has already established where it stands as the world’s the majority of technologically advanced, strong and major economy. All their market-oriented procedures meant that exclusive firms and individuals have upperhand in making decisions which can be believed to be necessary for their economic climate. They have wielded their guidelines in such a way that it might be more flexible than their competitors, which can better enhance their likelihood of strengthening even more their hold for foreign domination (“United States, The World Factbook,  2008).

Additionally , the U. S marketplace engined a number of technological innovations that secured all of them a greater step of advantage from their competition. As such, the innovations they will held could reach specific foreign market segments which considerably added to all their economy’s appeal. In line with these technological advances, they applied such developments and discoveries to power up their plan on their “economics of conflict.  By making use of such advanced weapons, they will engaged in the war since either the main participant with the war and also the supplier of advanced ammunitions.

Through this plan, they were able to conquer greater markets using their increasing military and politics supremacy. Around the aspect of foreign trade, the U. S economy may be the biggest proponent and promoter of transact liberalization and globalization. They may have used the tenets of liberalization in order to gain the supremacy from transferring products. Their particular economic power is highly dependent on the success of worldwide trade and balances (“Foreign Trade and Global Monetary Policies,  2001). Together with these actions, the U.

S economic analysts have fought hard to maintain fiscal and monetary plans that shall secure these people from feasible inflation occurences. The guidelines that were enacted became their very own tools to keep up sustainable growth and at the same time showcase economic expansion while avoiding recessions (“Monetary and Fiscal Plan,  2001). However , in spite of these steps and the good influence that U. S economy offers imposed on smaller and less powerful countries, their economic system has slowed up. Their GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT rate did start to fall and is also predicted to drop lower in the next few years (“The American Economy,  2006).

The Mexican Overall economy In contrast to the U. T economy that is highly advanced in terms of technologies, the Philippine economy is still operating on a rough mixture of semi-modern and outmoded sector and gardening production (“Mexico, The World Factbook, 2008). However , recent developments in Mexico allowed them to expand all their capabilities by developing more advanced technologies in the fields of communication and transportation. These types of developments, on the other hand are driven by Mexico’s trade and economic associations with more advanced countries like the United States and Canada.

These advances are heavily reliant with Mexico’s distinct and strong industrial partnerships with the two mentioned here countries. Their consented engagement upon the signing of the North American Totally free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) improved their activity under the tenets of liberalization and the positive effect. In addition , all their commitment toward trade liberalization guided all of them in consolidating and advertising fiscal and monetary procedures that shall help them guarantee a credible and stable overall economy.

This deliberate openness to foreign control and expenditure became a nice-looking economic characteristic that increased their international direct purchases (“Country Rassemblement: Mexico,  2008). Nevertheless , despite the encouraging economy that Mexico is offering with their rich natural resources, Mexico is definitely heavily linked on the U. S overall economy. Any slow down that the U. S economy will encounter, it is much more likely that Mexico will have the same. U. S Economic system vs . Mexican Economy Based on the Index of Economic Independence, the United States economy is 70. 6% cost-free while the Mexican economy can be 66. 4% free (“Index of Economical Freedom,  2008).

Using this feature exclusively, it can be identified that U. S can freely function their economy without the requires of different countries, even though the Mexican economic climate flourishes or perhaps falls straight down according to the pattern that “superior countries may impose after them. This happens because of certain distinctive factors. One is due to the fact that the American overall economy is high – tech compared to the Philippine economy. Therefore, U. T gets the upperhand in dictating their conditions to smaller countries, South america in particular, since they are highly centered to the technology that U.

S materials them with. An additional distinct component is that the U. S regulates the larger marketplace in terms of control and investments, thus South america only will take partakes the role associated with an active worldwide player when U. S i9000 holds the control over all of them. This is true not simply on Mexico’s case but also in other fewer developed countries as well. Although it is the case that both U. T and Mexico adhere to the tenets of free trade, it truly is still visible that U. S is in control of the trade negotiating. While the Mexican economy functions under specific tariff costs and foreign trade controls, the U.

S economy operates more widely with fewer restrictions. Thus, even the bottom line is, it is visible why the U. S is more advanced and economically more powerful. The economic selection employed by U. S inside their policies is very distinct which in turn enables them to get control over different economies. And as such, this control over foreign markets allows them to dictate industry grounds, and hence, be on the top of others. References Country Briefings: Mexico. (2008, June 16). Economist. com. Retrieved 06 20, 2008, from http://www. economist. com/countries/Mexico/profile. cfm?

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