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Drama Documents

1 . In what way is this draw out important to the play all together?

In this picture many things which might be turning items in the play happen and certain everything is revealed regarding people, like the nurse and Capulet.

At the start of the scene, Romeo leaves for Mantua and Romeo and Juliet say goodbye. This is the last period Romeo and Juliet find each other in, making this one of the sadder areas of the play. After Romeo leaves Woman Capulet gets into to tell Juliet about the proposed relationship. After that, Capulet enters to share Juliet that she will not have any choice and must get married to Paris. This part reveals a completely different threatening area of Capulet. After Capulet and Lady Capulet leave the nurse likewise shows a unique side simply by telling Juliet that she would be better with Paris, creating Juliet to shed her rely upon the registered nurse.

2 . So what do we know regarding the personas prior to this scene?

Approximately this point in the play, the nurse seems to be a good, reliable friend to Juliet nevertheless towards the end of the picture she displays a completely distinct side. Just before this point the nurse definitely seems to be a simple oriented person who could only perform what the lady thinks is correct. She always agrees with Juliet and trys to keep her happy. The moment Capulet explains to Juliet that she must marry Paris the nurse stands up pertaining to Juliet, but then tells Juliet that Romeos a dishclout to him and that Romeos as good as dead.

This could indicate a variety of points. One is the fact that nurse feels that if she performs this it will help Juliet get over Romeo quicker, an additional is that the doctor knows that if she states with Capulet lose her job. The other would be that the nurse truly believes this kind of and is not really thinking of Juliets feelings. All these mean different things and each show a different feature to the nursing staff character.

Before now we know that Capulet is a person who likes to combat, especially with Montagues, always considers of precisely what is best for Juliet, is a good organiser and wants to be in demand. He is incredibly conscious of his social situation and is very headstrong. Throughout this scene Capulet shows that he more cares that he looks very good and maintains his sociable status after that he cares about Juliets thoughts. He reveals this simply by forcing Juliet to get married to Count Paris.

Juliet is definitely shown to be brave strong willed and one minded whilst still staying emotional and impulsive prior to this component and in this scene is constantly on the act a similar. So generally she would not change demonstrating her singe mindedness.

3. What do we about the characters in this scene? Does any of all their behaviour seem odd?

From this scene we all learn a whole lot about particular characters and little about others. We all learn that Capulet has a bad state of mind when people don’t agree with him and we learn that the doctor may be quite two-faced.

Juliets first reaction to the recommended marriage is always to politely refuse at first although at the same time with force. This leads to her getting desperate and begging, her reasons for certainly not marrying is the fact she hates Paris and if she seamlessly puts together him she’ll die. You will find not many threats but the previous one should be a little more then powerful if anyone was going to believe that she would.

Lady Capulet feels that the marriage can be reason for pleasure and is very happy herself but turns furious when Juliet refuses, possibly saying, If only the ridiculous girl will marry into her serious.

Capulet is also happy and very cal until Juliet says no in that case he as well gets extremely angry and calls her a slut as well as various other insults. The nurse tries to intervene although he will not listen to her and insults her also

4. If you were to direct a film edition of this scene, explain what you should decide for the subsequent:


Merely was leading this field, Juliets place would be genuinely big and spacious. The walls would be a very pale, exotic colour. On the west part would be a balcony that exercises across and curls about onto the south wall. The porch would have a row door so that if they were opened the patio would be as an extension to the room. In the middle of the north wall might be a huge 4-poster bed having a canopy extraordinary. Around the foundation would be a stage down to associated with bed a little bit lower then your rest of the ground. At the end of the bed would be an walnut seat that may be opened up and used to retail outlet things. Towards left in the south wall would be a big chest of drawers, also oak. Next to these storage would be a seat and on top rated would be a washbowl and jug. To the left from the east wall structure, near the pickup bed would be a dress up table which has a colossal oval mirror. On here would be all Juliets make-up etc . near the southern wall is a door and another near to the east wall membrane. The limit would be really high with oak beams and the floor would be made of flagstones.


The heroes would be in period costume for the 1300s they might probably be quite drab boring colours, almost certainly brown and creams. Many people would wear gaily coloured clothing but it would possibly only be the louder heroes such as Mercutio. The doctor would wear a blue outfit with a light blouse underneath with a padding rear. She’d have a kind of hat, made of cloth that covered many, if not every of her hair.

Juliet would be in her nightgown, which would be white, complete length and would have frilly/lacy cuffs, the neck and throat and hemline. Her hair would be only left to dangle straight down and be sloppy. Lady Capulet would be dressed in something similar to the nurse however in a darkish colour.


The moment when Lady Capulet tells Juliet about the planned matrimony I would have got a shot of Juliet during sex with Lady Capulet sat on the advantage, then when Lady Capulet says bride I would zoom in to Juliets deal with to get a full shot of her face expression.

The moment Capulet requests Lady Capulet if this lady has told Juliet about wedding ceremony I would have got Capulets confront so that I can see both of their reactions. Then I will zoom away so more of their systems and the place can be seen. Then I would have the nurse standing up for Juliet and I will make sure that I possibly could see Capulets face to ensure that I could discover him acquire angrier and angrier. Then I would have the nurses and Juliets face so that if the nurse talks against Romeo you could observe Juliets reaction and the nursing staff sincerity.

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