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Prior to Opium war, China had a completely different romantic relationship with the , the burkha. China got believed itself to be a lot better than the other civilizations during those times. China also made almost no contact with the Western countries since all-natural and political barriers were in the way. It was not before the Western countries had seeked spices from China, did Chinese suppliers confront the Western world. Though, trade experienced just opened for China and tiawan and the Western world during the early 16th century, China even now continued to look down on particular foreigners. With all the increase in transact between China and the Western countries, the unequal operate between them became very evident.

China’s high availability of tea, China silk, medicine and porcelain along the high demand from the Traditional western countries, China’s trade was extremely well. These types of certain items were high-priced and the Western paid China and tiawan with sterling silver. The increase in trade experienced seemed like this increased the economy of Chinese suppliers, but in actuality China was in a sterling silver and water piping crisis. Sterling silver was higher in worth comparative to copper. Yet although metallic was more worth than copper was, copper was still being being produced more, this kind of lead to the inflation of copper. The bad thing is that copper was the only issue used to pay out taxes, thus people finished up losing money. In order to the reach the silver tax subspecies, more copper mineral was needed. Also during this time period, there was an annual drain of silver, thus people did start to hoard and value their silver even more, thus leaving more metallic out of the circulation. Silver, while is being hoarded for its benefit, copper would still be being produced at the same time. British’s trading company, the East India Organization had been trading silver to get China’s tea as its demand had improved in the West.

As these investments continued, this kind of lead the East India Company to a huge personal debt. The unjust tariffs and taxes, along with the trading monopolies with the Chinese language merchants manufactured the situation tougher as well. To try to resolve this kind of conflict, a triangle operate was created, by having the silk cotton from India sold and after that that money was used to acquire the tea. However , possibly after this the East India Company was still in debt as well as the demand for sterling silver was increasing. So thus, the East India Company resorted to opium due to the trade. It had been more important intended for the East India Company to pay for Chinese language imports with other currencies than with this significantly scarce sterling silver. The British’s solution to this imbalance was for the East India Company to export greater volumes of opium that was expanded at Bombay and at Patna in Bengal to Chinese suppliers. Opium utilized as equally a poison and a medicine, hence it was known as paradoxical. On one side, opium was a well-known, legal and highly effective pain killer that worked well to relieve the pain and treat fatigue.

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