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I actually. Causes of Traffic Accident in Cambodia Traffic accident is among the main problems that kill hundreds of people in Cambodia annually. Many persons die every single day and this is definitely the big matter for the federal government because they have to spend much money to fix this problem. Relating to my own research and some document i have continue reading the internet and also other books I came across that there are intended for factor that led targeted traffic accident and now I will let you know in detail regarding each factor.

1 ) Human: The main problem can be human problem which is 1 amount additional factor that killed lots of people than other elements. The human problem consists of little factor include: Drunk new driver is one of the main problems that usually kill many people not only in metropolis but as well countryside. Following drinking get people generally drive all their vehicle or perhaps car and sometime they can not control their vehicle or car in any way and frequently trigger accident.

Sometime it is far from only have an effect on to the one who causes car accident but as well affect in people who is riding with these people and other people who is driving on the road as well. Another issue is that when that they drive their motor while travelling they do not use helmet.

Whenever we wear headgear when we are traveling it is the easiest way to protect our head because when we achieved accident simply by chance but lots of people think it is not necessary so whenever they met accident and chop down down on the street sometime all their head is critically wounded when it hit on the ground, grave, and stone. After traffic law in Cambodian is definitely approve we can see that most persons they usually have on helmet when they travel on the highway but some of these that nonetheless not follow the traffic rules. They follow the law only when they hit with traffic law enforcement near the visitors light.

They will just place their motorcycle helmet in front of all their motor and so they wear it if they met the traffic law enforcement. This problem usually happen to young adults who usually thing that it can be not so handsome or they will feel like a thing on their head when they wear it sometime it makes them fell not so eye-catching for the other teenagers. Human mistake is responsible for much more than 98% of casualties1. Human being errors: quickly speed, irresponsible drinking, not admiration right of way, harmful overtaking, changing lane without due treatment, driving against flow of traffic, fatigue or condition, not admiration traffic light and indications, wrong usage of high beams, or incorrect use of cell phones.

More than 50% of fatalities were because of speeding although another 18% were caused by alcohol abuse. Accidents resulting from certainly not respecting the proper of way and harmful overtaking took place more throughout the daytime than nigh period, but fails involving alcohol abuse were mare like a problem during the night time than daytime. Road and weather conditions are responsible for less than 10% of casualties, while automobile defect is in charge of only 5% of casualties. Other components of the cause are lack of targeted traffic law know-how, no esteem for legislation.

Fast driving a car is another aspect that cause by individual factor. As we can see in Cambodia today even the regulation has limit the speed for all drivers but some drivers even now violate this. Sometime when they drive in the crowded place such as market or some various other busy road in provincial town and the city they don’t slow down at all and they tend not to care about other folks that was selling and walking on the street. In the metropolis we generally see young adults that travel modern car or engine on the road. They normally drive over speed limit. Moreover, dangerous over acquiring is usually cause by human being themselves.


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