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The Colonel is actually a white man who fights the bigotry of the foe, who have promised to kill any officers who business lead the troops and by his own powerful officers that have kept them out of the warfare to do their particular dirty work. Colonel Shaw starts the Warfare eager and zealous for the combat, the battle of Antietam leaves his disillusioned and wounded. Suite Robert Shaw grew up within a life of wealth and privilege in Boston. He was raised in a home that respected character, dignity and self-respect.

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His family experienced personal and political connections with in that case Governor Steve Andrew and President Abraham Lincoln. The enemy isn’t just the Confederate Army but the northern white wines who have opposed allowing blacks to guard their flexibility and emancipation. The Colonel puts Major Cabot Forbes, his closest friend, in because his second in order. The men happen to be drilled by the sadistic Sargent Major Mulcahy who breaks them with savagery and disrespect.

The Colonel transforms a window blind eye to the treatment of the black military.

One of the first employees is a friend of Robert and Cabot, Thomas Searles. Cabot reminds Robert that Thomas is usually their good friend and he needs to stop the Jogging Header: PERSONALITY, DIGNITY and SELF-RESPECT a few harsh treatment of the employees. Robert is hardened in what he features seen and experienced at the battle of Antietam and stands coldly on Military protocol. Robert slowly returns to his true character and starts to see his men since human beings. He begins fighting for them, getting needed supplies and eventually the justification to fight for their very own freedom.

Presently there first comb with the Confederate Army is successful after initially faltering in the first skirmish. Robert volunteers the 54th infantry for a charge upon Fort Wagner, which has by no means been taken. Robert motivates his men to lead the fight when other products do not you are not selected to lead the charge to adopt the fortification. They demand into a challenge that barriers them below heavy cannon fire and the shore. Robert is taken and murdered as he rallies the men forward on to the combat. His men continue on in the fight and die as they charge the parapet with the fort.

Various casualties occur and Ft Wagner is never taken. The final shows Robert being tossed into a sandpit and smothered with his guys. Ethical Hypotheses According to the Sommers’ text Aristotle defined pleasure as a task we can do better than anything else, and to physical exercise their capacity to reason is known as a virtue (Sommers, C. & Sommers, F. 2010). Explanation plays a part in all virtues and courageous people use it to manage fear. After Robert came back from the challenge at Antietam he had a brief change of character, almost certainly it was post-traumatic stress from the battle.

When he got to know the dimensions of the men in the unit and saw their particular desire and determination to become good military in order to guard their liberty his figure began to return. Running Header: CHARACTER, PRIDE and SELF-RESPECT 4 You might see this change when he began to take care of and guard the things his men required. He chaffed at the bigotry and elegance displayed by Army Command and began to see and treat the men differently. Depending on the theories of Epictetus Robert got the inner strength to do the proper thing in regards to the command of his men.

Epictetus taught that “regardless of circumstances, human beings are capable of pride and self-control ( Rachels, J. & Rachels, H. 2012). Individuals also got the power to regulate their respond to circumstances even though they could not control attackers based on inner strength. The specific situation that comes to mind during the video was when Robert was dining with the other officials and they had been making negative remarks regarding the men in his command. (Fields, F. (Producer), Zwick, Electronic. (Director), 1989).

The more the officers mistreated and put down his males, the madder Robert acquired and he finally acquired up and left the dining hall. “Saint Augustine distrusted purpose and presumed that ethical goodness depends upon subordinating your self to the will certainly of God ( Rachels, J. & Rachels, S. 2012). Robert was raised in a home that was moral, patriotic; character influenced and likely had a rich spiritual background. Obligation to your Country and God had been in their life and character’s. Bottom line Robert was raised in a home in which values and character were important parts of daily life.

Although they were wealthy they highly valued all people, Robert had a good friend who was black. When Jones was taken in the struggle at Antietam Robert forgot his get ranking Running Header: CHARACTER, PRIDE and SELF ESTEEM 5 and went to his side. The obstacles that had been overcome were discrimination and hatred. Robert was happy to share in the hardships in the black troops and select not to consider pay if perhaps his males chose to not in protest of the decrease in pay.


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