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The McCarthy Proceedings are referred to as witch-hunts due to their

similarity towards the Salem witch trials. The McCarthy hearings are tests in which Senator

Joe McCarthy accuses govt employees penalized Communists. He exaggerates and

exploits the evidence and damages many reputations just as the girls do in the Salem witch

trials. The accused, in both circumstances, are used while scapegoats intended for societys problems and the

simply way to flee direct abuse is to admit to remorse.

Frederick McCarthy and the girls coming from Salem start to accuse people of being either

Communists or perhaps witches to have, something they crave, electric power.

No one actually features hard

proof to support these types of accusations, like the accusers. A lot more people that they

accuse the larger the lies get. The girls in Salem begin to cry out the particular witches will be

sending their spirits with them. The also go to the level to start shivering, passing out, and

mocking the accused as they walk into the space. Abigail Williams also sabotages

Elizabeth Proctor, one of the females she accuses of being a witch. When ever Abigail

witnesses Marry Warren, the Proctors servent and one of the accusers, making a puppet

and sticking a needle in the stomach intended for safe keeping Abigail realized it would be delivered to

her house at the Proctors.

So she decides to claim the girl was stuck with a flag by Elizabeth

Proctor through the technique of voodoo and Elizabeth is arrested that night for witchery.

As for McCarthy he accuses anyone he sees. This individual even began to question the integrity of

George C. Marshall and in many cases President Eisenhower. He likewise, started an investigation on

the Army. This individual never gave any kind of reliable evidence, this individual just started directing fingers.

Instead of trying to resolve the problems in their society that they blame the down sides on

something else so that they wont have to deal with them. In 1692 a number of girls got sick, they

blame this on witch craft rather than thinking that might be they were faking it or they got

some kind of unidentified sickness. In 1950 persons begin to believe differently than a single

another and have new tips, people blame it in Communists instead of embracing the

new ideas and learning and nicely debating these people. Now after they accuse these folks

instead of dealing with the real concerns, they power them to either declare all their guilt or be

severely punished. The same as John proctor and many others who were sent to loss of life for not


Both equally trials were completely fraudulent and dangerous to lenders lives.

non-e of the

would have ever before happened if perhaps people will stop jogging away from their problems and

stop being thus power starving. I just wish that this background will not duplicate its home again..

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