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Dependent Character Disorder

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Multiple Personality Disorder, Personality Disorders, Antisocial Individuality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder

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Therefore , it is likely that “men who are really comorbid intended for antisocial PD and alcohol and drug use disorders are more likely to die young or perhaps be incarcerated than ladies and thus more unlikely to be showed in general population surveys. inch (Grant et al., 2006, p. 128). However , because incarcerated or dead men do not present for treatment, these types of findings continue to be of use towards the practitioner.


Both content do a good-job of outlining the relationship among personality disorders and material disorders. The authors almost all did a great job of explaining the last literature and why it suggests this sort of a marriage. Furthermore, they were doing a good job of outlining why understanding of comorbidities is very important to those trying to treat individuals with either element disorders or perhaps personality disorders.

The articles were both equally written in an easy-to-read way, which could always be understood simply by anyone with at least a high-school education, even if they’d no history in mental health. The articles likewise carefully described the study technique, so that the visitor could type an independent analysis of the technological merits with the study. However , there were several differences in the studies, which usually seem like they can impact their very own utility

Initially, the study by simply Grant et al. suffered from a serious weak point, in that this failed to examine borderline persona disorder. Previous research illustrates that termes conseillés personality disorder may be even more highly linked to substance disorders than any other personality disorder, therefore it would appear important to incorporate research regarding that disorder. However , the Grant study had a huge population, which in turn made it better to suggest that their results basically reflected the results you are likely to find inside the general inhabitants. Moreover, the researchers were careful to indicate areas of weak point. The Scholarhip study centered on gender variations, as well, which can be important; ladies have been constantly overlooked in medical research, though it is clearly founded that women react differently than males to the remedying of substance abuse disorders and individuality disorders.

The research by Teplin et al. suffered from its own serious some weakness. The sample size was relatively small , and and comprised only of people who had been labeled the study. Therefore , it is likely that patients with overt symptoms of personality disorders are not referred to the study. However , simply by focusing on a particular addiction, the Teplin research was able to link specific patterns to certain personality disorders. Overall, this kind of research will be more helpful to a practitioner, who has knowledge of the type of substance being abused, because it will help direct further verification for individuality disorders.


Grant, B. F., Farreneheit. S. Stinson, D. Dawson, S. G. Chou, Watts. J. Ruan, R. P. Pickering. (2006). Co- occurrence of 12-month alcohol and drug use disorder and personality

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