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I. FUZY: We the researcher carry out this research due to recession now a days. Its aim to create a product of insect repellent which can be cheaper and may give the same quality that the commercial one could give through lemon grass. Insect repellent are crucial tools intended for prevention of insect paid for ” diseases as well as unpleasant or unpleasant insect hits. And one particular natural insect-repellent is the lemon grass (Cymbopogon Citratus).

Identifying the effectiveness of citrus grass while insect repellent is the central goal of the study. Especially, it intends to apply the Steam Distillation Technique in obtaining the all-natural elements and essential oil of lemon turf such as citral and citronella. Lemon lawn is a indigenous herb from temperate and warm parts such as India, is widely used in Asian cooking and is an ingredient in numerous Thai and Vietnamese foods. Lemon lawn use in preparing food has become well-liked in the Carribbean and in the united states due to its aromatic lemon or lime flavor with a trace of garlic.

Lemon lawn is a member of specie of lawn that grows to as high as 1 m with leaves of 1 to 1. 5 centimeters in width that grows from a track of about 40 to 85 cm very long with bulbous lower end.


a. Background from the study

* Each of our experiment project is about the effectiveness and benefits of citrus grass inside our lives. All of us use the citrus grass remove as insect repellent. Not only the extract of lemon grass will be employ, we mixed other substance like garlic clove, olive oil, and eucalyptus oil to be more effective. Our product is the most option way or cheapest method to protect yourself from insect bites and diseases installed from the different insects. You don’tneed to buy whatever like “Baygon Spray. We research this lemon lawn, we saw and turned out that the ” lemon ” grass is able to repel mosquitoes. We research also regarding the different benefits of this citrus grass. Lemon grass can be a tea or food scenting.

n. Statement of the problem as well as objectives

1 ) General goals

* The lemon grass provides a substance that help the different plants to grow and prevents insect. It helps the insect distracted by the smell of the draw out. Our main objective is always to prevent the pest from assaulting the plants and to keep your soils abundant with nutrients. We can also use the lemon lawn extract to prevent mosquito bites. Like, a semi ” off gel or option off ointment for really does who cannot afford the commercial products. installment payments on your Specific goals

* The insect repellent is to help the plants grow and healthy. It can prevents the insect may arise for the plant that they utilized to experiment. It may take a few steps and time in digesting but the effect would be superb and there is no side effects within the soil because it fully natural and no poisonous material added. The material utilization in the try things out are completely access able. The material we used will be lemon turf, eucalyptus petrol, olive oil, knife, mortar and pestle, garlic clove, charcoal, and charcoal burner. c. Significance of the examine

* The research will be done to determine the success of lemon grass as insect repellent. Removal of lemon grass can be through steam distillation strategy. The children will benefit the most because knowledge of insect repellent will enable these to prevent feasible disease. Through this research, the knowledge of parents regarding citrus grass because insect repellent can be increased and prevention could be done to steer clear of more serious injury to their kids health. m. Scope and limitations

5. The focus with this study should be to determine the potency of lemon grass as insect repellent. Investigating the performance of this will be described by observation of eucalyptus oil, essential olive oil, and garlic. One chocolate will be cured a little quantity ofeucalyptus olive oil, olive oil, and extract of garlic plus the other candies is with no ingredients. The info used in your research is obtained through declaration and vapor distillation technique. e. Overview of related materials

* May be that Lemon Grass is a wonderful insect water-proof. The ancients were familiar with this characteristic. This action, insect repelling, will not carry the same punch which it did inside the days of the Israelites. Egypt was fertile because it acquired good soil and lots of water. An abundance of normal water meant a lot of insects, specifically mosquitoes. Insects carry malaria, which was not so good news in the ancient world. The ancients burnt lemon grass to keep the bugs away just as we all do. Nevertheless , they were worried about a little more than unsightly bump on the thighs. Keeping pests away was obviously a life or death scenario. Using coconut oil intended for the skin is usually healthy, by natural means. Tropical dwellers have noted this truth for at least a millennium or maybe more. Unlike ” light ” cosmetics developed in labs of profit ” starving corporations, coconut oil is made up of absolutely nothing that will harm your precious skin area, including the associated with your body. 2. This petrol proved to be one of the top performers in a relative study of insect repellents published in July, 2002 in the Fresh England Journal of Medicine. Both commercial sprays tested retained bugs far from 1 to three hours. The results of the 2004 Cal State Scientific research Fair job show that lemon turf is 30 % less effective than commercial plans containing DEET, or diethyl meta toluamide, in withstanding mosquitoes. Citrus grass, or cymbopogon citratus, may still be a suitable substitute for persons who cannot tolerate DEET. A study published on the CBS News website even comes close natural ” based bug repellents against DEET items. According to the information network, organic products just like lemon turf and citronella work by scent and must be reapplied more often than DEET ” based products.

III. Technique:

2. About 20 (20) components of lemon grass was gathered near in

the property of the analysts in a empty lot. Just green and fresh leaves were accumulated. Additionally , this leaves is clean and dry to prevent the other organic and natural substance to be extract in extraction procedure. If the citrus grass can be wet, allow it to be air dry first before carrying out the removal process. a. Materials / Equipment

2. Lemon turf

2. Eucalyptus oil

5. Olive oil

* Garlic

5. Mortar and pestle

* A lot

2. Charcoal burner

5. Peel the skin of the garlic

5. Chop the garlic into small bits

* Prepare the charcoal burner

2. Wash the lemon grass

* Boil the lemon lawn

When waiting the lemon lawn

* Add drinking water to the cut garlic and mix.

5. Distill the garlic to find the extract.

* Independent the citrus grass from its extract.

* Pour the citrus grass draw out to a glass.

5. And mix that with the garlic herb extract.

* Blend the eucalyptus oil and the olive oil.

* And blend it.

* Make an empty insect sprayer.

* Copy the mix to the bug sprayer jar. And presently there you go, An all natural insect repellent!

b. Treatment / Standard Procedure

* The extraction procedure will be carried out through heavy steam distillation strategy. Due to deficiency of laboratory apparatus, the researcher intends to work with an improvised apparatus. It will require are eucalyptus oil, olive oil, knife, mortar and pestle, garlic, grilling with charcoal, and a lot burner plus the lemon grass leaves to be extracted. *

Most essential natural oils available today will be extracted utilizing a steam handiwork process. It truly is believed by many people to be the just way natural oils should be removed. This distillation process really is quite simple provided that this extraction process is usually closely watched, the heavy steam will remain for a heat that won’t destruction the ” lemon ” grass. IV. Results and Discussion:

* As the actual result, in the statement of two candies,. One candy will probably be treated a little amount of eucalyptus essential oil, olive oil, and extract of garlic as well as the other candy is with no ingredients. After the fourteen (14) minutes, the candy with out lemon turf are now getting close to by the ants, but the sweets with the ingredients still simply no ants, due to eucalyptus and olive oil and extract of garlic as well as the lemon turf that repel the ants away. a. Findings

w. Analysis of data

V. Conclusions:

* We can admit the hypothesis was correct. Lemon lawn can get rid of insect aside and can be a highly effective and option way of natural insect repellent, as a result of oil generate by the citrus grass. 2. We determine that the lemon grass get can prevent mosquito attacks and diseases that came in the insects / mosquitoes. We also determine that the citrus grass have sufficient uses in our daily life. Examples will be, lemon lawn tea and lemon grass can be make use of as foodstuff scenting. MIRE. Recommendations:

5. We suggest to use this kind of insect repellent because it is not expensive plus the lemon turf extract have many uses within our lives and daily activities. ” lemon ” grass can be tea, herbs, and meals scenting. It is extract can prevent insect bites. Lemon grass is also good for our overall health. Other people do not know the additional uses of lemon turf. So all of us recommend the new bug repellent, it can be purely made from lemon grass extract, garlicextract, eucalyptus and olive oil. We tested and prove it that this test is alternate and most powerful to repel mosquito bites. It keeping us far from diseases caused by the mosquitoes and other insect bites. Do not need to buy the commercial one particular because in our home, we can help to make our own insect-repellent.

VII. Bibliography:

Guide Goddard PhD., J. (2002). Health Risks and Benefits of Pest Repellents. Wikipedia(2011). Insect Repellent. Essential Oil Extraction Distillation Procedure. Essentials of Aromatherapy. Ragan, M. (2005). Improvised Radial Alembic DIY Steam Distillation.


The researcher want to give her warm heartfelt gratitude for the person which will give them knowledge regarding this project and helped to conduct this for the success of the researcher and her group. (name of the individual that help you which in turn gave all their fur project)support to the specialist through expenditures, time and initiatives. The group of the researcher which are ever present for her and in addition contribute suggestions and thoughts. To the researcher subject instructor (teacher’s name) for writing the suggestions and understanding for this job and learning the researcher to get the failures in executing this analyze. Last but not the least, to our dear Our god, for leading and protecting the researcher always and forgiving those persons for making or posting their ideas and know-how for this project and comprehension of each other intended for the failures in performing this research.

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