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Ethical Egoism

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Philosophy Of Education, Viewpoint, Greed, Expense Benefit Evaluation

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Price Correcting and Philosophy

In taking a look at price repairing in terms of viewpoint, one can apply many honest theories in order to understand the purposes of this sort of individuals who make use of it and also help persons understand why the practice itself is a bent one. In beginning a philosophical evaluation, one can first look at several consequentialist theories, which usually employ a general cost-benefit research to a person’s actions.

School of Tn professor Adam Fieser (2010) notes that consequentialism says that an actions is morally right in the event the consequences of that action are usually more favorable than unfavorable, and this applies straight to executives whom believe that if he or she engage in selling price fixing and get away with it, the outcomes will bring in significant income for a company and therefore will certainly benefit the corporation collectively and themselves (Feisher, 2009, s. 1). In viewing this kind of in such a manner, one can more directly view the internal thoughts of business owners who are searching for a way to internally justify all their actions prior to employing them.

Further, one can possibly employ the idea of ethical egoism to executives, whom deem that their actions are morally right if the consequences of this action will be more favorable than unfavorable on their own. Ethical egoists essentially look out for themselves only in determining their actions, and this can be considered as true regarding executives performing price fixing. Though these individuals generally state that the great of the firm is all their utmost concern as stated over in taking a look at the basic meaning of consequentialism, a final decision to engage in these kinds of action depends upon the question: how can this influence me? Through back-room negotiations unknown to numerous members of any company, the individuals who build price mending are evidently looking out for themselves alone, yet use the fa?onnage of devotion for the corporation to make such behavior seem to be justified within their own heads.


In reviewing the basic definition of price fixing and applying it to the business world plus the philosophical a single, one can notice that engaging in this agreement is definitely clearly unethical as it sidesteps the basis for general great and movements into the of sell-fulfillment through the manipulation of others, making the approach generally unfavorable in life and also the business world.


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