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The primary purpose of the project range statement is always to have a fundamental understanding of the scope of a project, its deliverables, function required by deliverables to complete, and give common range understanding for all stakeholders.

Job Purpose and Justification

The project of Great India Taste Cafe has been approved by with the demand of Indian foodstuff in the GTA by the related peoples. It has also been began for portion and creating a choice amongst the various types of world food in the Canadian market.

At present lots of foreign nationals are migrating here in Canada from India and South Asia. Therefore , the demand for his or her food is likewise increasing. Nevertheless there are some eating places in GTA but they are not up to the mark. So , to be experienced and perfect atlanta divorce attorneys field of hospitality and service, we are here to work on this kind of project. There exists high probability of the accomplishment of this project as the public opinion has become considered.

Range description

This project (restaurant) will be serving almost all the vegan and no vegetarian different types of Indian foodstuff and related drinks and deserts including Chana masala, Dal Makhani, Shahi Paneer, Butter rooster, Lassi, Naan, Puri and much more items. The specialty about all these foods would be that they may be prepared in clean and hygienic environment to make by the expert chefs. Because of increase in southern region Asian population in the picked area, this will not only retains our cafe busy nevertheless also may require to open one other chain of restaurant in the GTA.

High Level Requirements

In order to total this project, we need to scholarhip permission coming from Canadian Food Inspection Firm (CFIA) and also other related body. For this we all will have to ensure them the food preparation will probably be done by authorities and in clean, hygienic environment and will include good nourishment value. One more high level requirement is that we have to construct our site according to

the guidelines prescribed by city and meet their very own requirements. These kinds of tasks are certainly not difficult however they require excessive formalities and safety methods which will make sure the success of the project.

Job Boundaries

As the name implies, this task will serve only American indian food practically nothing out of that, no China, no Italian language, no Thai and so on. It will eventually serve equally vegetarian and non veggie food but it will not provide alcoholic drinks. It will impose affordable and fair cost to the consumers so to keep goodwill and long term buyer relationship.

Project Strategy

Number of approaches will be used and experimented in this task. These are only for the promotion, dynamic environment, customer focus and preservation and bringing in more customers. This will boost our profitability and each of our competing electricity in the market.


A lot of deliverables will probably be produced as a result of successful completion of this task. The job will be deemed successful just on the appointment of the pursuing deliverables. These deliverables will be: All the requirements described simply by various license bodies of Ontario has to be met. It should be effective and efficient in food preparation and ensure better customer support It must create enough profits to develop, keep and increase services.

Acknowledgement Criteria

Following actions are to be considered to accept this kind of project being a successful and effective: Satisfy all the gifts

Has to be not away of finances

Must meet buyer requirements

Must ensure quality standards

Must be finished on time properly


As with any project, this project might also have some limitations. Some of the constraints could possibly be as follows: Lack in funds

It might take more than predicted time to accomplish

It can be hard intended for the task managers to found powerful and qualified human resources Job managers may possibly work more than 75% of billable hours on this job


The location of this restaurant will be in that region where there happen to be large number of American indian people A lot of people like to consume out almost all of the times

The task manager is liable for appointing many chefs, servers, managers and the necessary furniture and equipments. Difference in income will not likely affect all their eating habits

Project has the ability to of attracting more buyers through advertising campaign, offers, savings and social websites.

Cost estimate

The estimated costs of this task are shown in the table below. As the task proceeds, extra costs can be there and it will be expanded and will be disseminated to all stakeholders.


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