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Research from Term Paper:

psychiatric nursing practice in Australian prisons, ” Doyle (1999) attempts to discern what factors influence psychiatric nursing attention. In particular, the researcher attempted to decide what factors may possibly influence a nurse’s capability to work efficiently under pressuring circumstances, in such a case working with difficult patients in a prison.

The problem as the researcher claims it is that more than 95, 000 sufferers require treatment while moving into prison and correctional establishments. The unique consumer group gives many problems to medical staff which includes mental disease and developmental disabilities. In addition many patients are emotionally unstable. Mcdougal clearly recognizes problems associated with providing ideal health care to incarcerated offenders. Also known are the improved mortality rate and disease rate between this human population.

Nurses need to often confront challenging conditions. They are often requested with working with difficult patients. In addition they may face scientific obstacles or conflicting beliefs when doing work in certain configurations, or in such a case stigma relationship working with criminals. It is important rns overcome these types of obstacles thus they are able to delivery the best quality proper care to sufferers regardless of their particular situation.

Examine Purpose

The objective of the study is usually to discern what challenges psychiatric nurses confront and what factors may possibly influence the quality of care that they bestow in patients within a sub-optimal working environment. The aim of the researcher should be to point out the obstacles nurses face in delivery superior quality care to patients underneath trying circumstances. Whether rns work in a psychiatric commence or different institution, they are likely to deal with similar obstacles.

The specialist clearly states the purpose. The writer intends to “study concerns of concern to nurses providing mental health care to offenders. “

Exploration Question

As the research question is not directly stated, the researcher truly does state his intent to examine issues that concern nurse’s delivery care to criminal offenders. The question permits adequate search from a qualitative perspective. The objective of the studies to study a phenomena, specifically through statement, which is reinforced through qualitative research.

Study Design

The researcher advises use of a praxis qualitative research way, supported by different researchers (Lather, 1991). This type of research is also known as applied research. The research design and style included a spotlight group of 12 mental well being nurses who were interviewed relating to their worries with sufferers. This method is supported by various other qualitative studies that recommend focus groups and in depth interviews are appropriate (Street Walsh, 1996; Massarik, 1981). The researcher as well elected to use open-ended asking. The method is appropriate because it is aligned with qualitative investigation. The questionnaire and interview approach allow the investigator to observe the tendency occurring in their natural express.

The study style utilized qualitative textual analysis where the specialist clustered topics of questions for nursing jobs participants to resolve. A story was eventually produced explaining the problems while described by the subjects evaluated.

Subjects and Setting

The researcher picked 30 subject matter registered as psychiatric mental health nursing staff whose job was to deliver care to imprisoned people in a central industrial prison. Nurses used for purposes on this study worked well 24 hours proper care shift. The selection of nursing

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