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In the poem “The Conflict” C. Day Lewis describes being accompanied by human turmoil. Since the beginning of mankind, conflicts have been completely a part of contemporary society no matter how big or small. An example of a major conflict is the way several Quebec residents felt whenever they were voting in the referendum. A small issue we might encounter is whether to get a burger or a hot dog. A issue is a have difficulties, a difference of ideas. Conflicts come in several different shapes, sizes, textures and difficulties.

The feelings indicated at the beginning of the poem happen to be those of isolation and grace. Like trying to maintain our mood up each time a situation is definitely pulling us down. But as pressure builds up, such as the precipitation in clouds, ‘ the storm-cocks sing ‘ to forewarn of the tornado approaching. Prior to the thunder and lightning get there, we think peace while we are just ‘ outside the ring ‘ Just like a child unaware of the complications his father and mother face within their relationship till they chosen to separate or file for divorce.

All of a sudden he can caught inside the storm and searching for answers as to what brought on this, in the perspective, immediate clash of ideas. Living ‘ between two massing powers ‘ often triggers feelings of despair and loneliness wherever we just want to be alone and when bystanders such as family who provide ‘neutrality’ try and comfort us we often push them apart. ‘ None such should be left alive, ‘ goes to show that everyone loses in wars which might be caused by simply disagreements.

In all of the battles, however, innocent are harmed just like when bullets are terminated in the pavements of a town, just for being in the wrong place at the wrong period, an innocent by-stander may be the receiver of your fatal bullet wound. And since the innocent are ‘ shot down ‘ it appears as though the ‘ personal stars ‘ which functioning up to to light up the dark areas of our lives start to fade. Hope begins to fade. When help happens after a deadly battle, ‘The red enhance of life’ calls in anticipation of possible survivors.

And when there is absolutely no response it appears as if everything is heard is the clanging of swords and glasses in the length almost like the ghostly echo of war. What is kept in the battered territory is a blanket of sheer overpowering grief distributed throughout. The very last stanza with the poem is telling all of us to move on with new hope coming from old devastation to fresh open and unharmed area. The place where ‘ we utilized to build and love ‘ is basically nonexistent and if any individual can live there it is just the spirits who have endured the harshness of the earlier warring.

In simple terms, it is sharing with us to look towards a brand new light, find new celebrities to light up the night. And not to leave old issues hold all of us back and prevent us by advancing through life. Regardless of the conflict we cannot be blinded by difficult times which can be inevitable details of existence. Everyone encounters them. Unique one individual, a family, a group of close friends, or a town or even a nation, there will always be conflicting ideas.

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