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19th 100 years

John Milton, 20th Hundred years, Broadway, 21st Century

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Shaping the 20th 100 years

In 1904, President Theodore Roosevelt proposed the Roosevelt Corollary for the Monroe Cortège. Though the Monroe Doctrine was aimed at halting European effect in the United States, the Roosevelt Corollary marked the United States’ first officially aggressive stance as cop of the western hemisphere. The effects of this Corollary were far-reaching, revealing the change in U. S. frame of mind about the world and our place in it, and marking not only the twentieth Century yet also the 21st Century.

A defining minute marking the beginning of 20th Hundred years United States of America was the 1904 Roosevelt Corollary towards the Monroe Règle.[footnoteRef: 1] Showing President Theodore Roosevelt’s intense approach to international policy, the Corollary states in part, “in the european hemisphere the adherence of the United States to the Monroe Doctrine may possibly force the usa, however unwillingly, in flagrant cases of such wrong-doing or impotence, to the exercise of an international police electric power. “[footnoteRef: 2] Roosevelt considered this a logical result of the Monroe Doctrine, which was aimed at protecting the usa from Western aggression and influence.[footnoteRef: 3] This seemingly benevolent affirmation is thought by a lot of historians to be the “high-water tag of American imperialism. “[footnoteRef: 4] Though maintained some, the corollary was denounced simply by other Roosevelt contemporaries as “patronizing” as well as “jingoism absent mad, “[footnoteRef: 5] for this opened the doorway to U. S. hostility in the affairs of foreign countries. [1: David Milton Cooper, Jr. Critical Decades: America, 1900-1920. New york city, NY T. W. Norton Company, 1990, p. 40. ] [2: Ibid. ] [3: Candice Millard. The River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt’s Dark Journey (Paperback). New York, NEW YORK: Broadway Catalogs, 2005, l. 39. ] [4: Cooper, Jr., l. 50. ] [5: Edmund Morris. Theodore Rex (Paperback). New York, NEW YORK: Random House Publishing Group, 2002, s. 326. ]

Certainly, the United States intervened in overseas matters ahead of Roosevelt’s affirmation of his corollary; for example , Roosevelt himself participated in the Spanish American War of the late nineteenth Century to guard threatened U. S. interests.[footnoteRef: 6] However, the corollary marks the United States’ official change of attitude about foreign affairs plus the U. S i9000. ‘s part in the world. Right here

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