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Shiva Shakti Yoga explained Yoga can be experiencing the Work Union from the Shakti (manifested energy) with the Shiva (un-manifested energy) which can be Self-Realization or perhaps Liberation. It can be in this work union which the seeker encounters the Self to be the Supreme. This encounter which is beyond the physicality of the physique as well as the subtlety of the brain though the importance of body and mind cannot be undermined. While not having to and an obvious, open brain are central to the seekers journey.

Shiva Shakti Yoga Empowering Searchers

All of us at Shiva Shakti Yoga exercise empower the seekers with ancient Yogic Ways, Reassurance that can lead these to the experience of Yoga. Through our 200 hour and three hundred hour Yoga exercises Teacher Training Program (YTTC) conducted in India we expose the seekers to Yog Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha, Mantra Chanting, Kriya, Dharana, Dhyan, Yoga Anatomy along with Philosophy. Within just each seeker the feature of Omniscience is present in the seed form. We believe that the precisely designed courses (200 hour 300 hour YTTC) and the experienced instructors provide the ideal foundation and environment pertaining to the seeds of Omniscience to flower and recognize its complete potential. The courses are conducted in two fabulous locations in the lap in the nature – Rishikesh and Goa.

Shiva Shakti Yoga Teacher Trained in India – Experiencing Scientific research of Yoga

Yoga exercises is the research of human wellbeing plus the Yoga Educator Training Course units the searchers on the path where they will experience physical, emotional, physiological, socio-economic as well as spiritual wellbeing. We believe that if the Teacher Training Course is completed by the searchers as per the guidance of our teachers they are sure to experience the Higher and Further Dimensions of human mind which in turn can enable these to live a great enriched and fulfilled existence.

Shiva Shakti Yoga Instructor Training – A Treatment Experience

To ensure that the seekers enjoy a peaceful and blissful journey during the study course we provide them with relevant study material and preparing processes. About registration pertaining to the training course the searchers will be supplied with the ‘mantras’ that will be chanted during a particular initiation technique of each hunter during the Work Opening Service. Yoga is all about experiencing the union, being inclusive and hence we have designed the courses in a way that all the principles as well as core traditions from the ancient yogic ways are blended together with the modern way of living as well as the distinct belief devices of the searchers from across the World.

Shiva Shakti Yoga Shala – The School of Believed

Shala is a place wherein exchange of knowledge happens. In a shala the mix and match of a receiver (student) and a provider (teacher) remains to be throughout the technique of learning. Yog Shala one the other side of the coin is a sacred space where students present themselves as Seekers and the teacher appears by means of Guru to share the Knowledge of Yoga and Experience the Self to be Unlimited. In the sacred space of Yoga Shala there the seeker as well as the guru encounter communion rather than communication.

Wizard – The main one who Courses

It can be in this space that the master empowers the seeker not simply through ‘articulated talk’ (vaikhari vani) yet also through ‘the audio of heart’ (madhyama vani), ‘sound that is perceived just by internal vision’ (pashyanti vani) which can be normally recognized to the yogis of high order and the ‘voice of divine’ (para vani). In the environment of the Yoga Shala there is also a possibility the fact that seekers go beyond themselves towards the state of your mumukshu – the one that is the ideal seeker and thirsty for the information of ultimate truth.

Transformation at Shiva Shakti Pilates Shala

The powers of the yoga exercises shala will be such that along the way of the Teacher Training Course or by the end of computer the master and the hunter are guaranteed to experience themselves not as two but as one particular being. To make certain the energies of the yog shala are pure and from bigger dimensions numerous ritual (homa and havana) are performed in the yoga exercises shala space from time to time. The seeker can easily experience the same warmth, attention, protection and love in the yoga shala as a child can easily experience in the mother’s womb. In the environment of yoga exercise shala the practice from the seeker will probably be nurtured and may gain a progressive flight. We request all the seekers to experience the divinity of yoga shala with us.

Shiva Shakti Yoga Tutor Training Methodology

Shiva Shakti Yoga – we could India structured school that provides Traditional Hatha Yoga Educator Training Courses. We provide 200 several hours and three hundred hours YTTC (Yog Cha?non RYT). Each of our foundation and advanced classes have converted more than 4 hundred lives and have enabled various to become successful Yoga Teachers. The religious texts through the ancient moments indicates the knowledge of hatha yoga was passed on simply by Shiva to his female adobe Parvati. Parvati acknowledged Shiva as being a seeker and asked her to show the path which can free the humanity of the sufferings. Shiva in response to her request stimulated her with the knowledge of hatha yoga – the science of hatha pilates. For a true seeker there may be plenty to find out just in the legend on how the science of hatha yoga exercise came into existence but to begin with we will highlight just a couple of aspects that are crucial to our Yoga Teacher Training methodology for Shiva Shakti Yoga plus the master key for the seekers to make sure correct, effective, progressive personal and professional practice. The legend indicates towards that the seeker will need to imbibe a female attitude (elaborated explanation as well available to the pupils through the pre-course material offered at obtain as a part of Shiva Shakti Pilates teacher training methodology) although seeking plus the yoga searchers should go after this understanding for personal well-being but develop themselves to be teachers whom spread this knowledge to any or all mankind.

Hatha Yoga Educator Training Methodology – Physical Advancement Methods Hatha

Yoga is one of the most old practices and it takes the seeker to the root of every yogic techniques that have progressed in recent times. In Hatha Practice of yoga the yoga exercise asanas happen to be performed within a static manner. The emphasis is in laying a powerful foundation about developing the core power of the human body, understanding the body and attaining to near perfect body postures. From this process the seekers will be empowered and enriched with asana tactics that can catapult their existing practice to new heights as well as permit them to encounter greater benefits from the asanas that they have recently been practicing until date. While performing asanas breathing (inhalation, exhalation and retention) is essential and in the static varieties mastering these types of breathing patterns, getting control of the breath and adding the breathing strategy while doing asanas becomes easy which can be continued, applied by seeker inside the dynamic kinds of yoga asana practice.

The energy movement within the body system, the involvement of the chakras and the results on the key nadis (energy channels) within the body of the hunter in this kind of yoga asana practice is usually unbelievable. Hatha Yoga may be the science that allows the finder transcend the physical world and hence combined with the asanas we give equal importance to the various other aspects which in turn enrich the seeker which can be pranayama, mudra, bandha, rule chanting, kriya, dharana, dhyan, yoga structure and viewpoint. It is the initiation that leads towards the spiritual development and hence we certainly have taken into account the physical, physical, emotional, mental, moral along with spiritual aspects while developing the two hundred hours and 300 hours Teacher Training Programs.

Training Methodology Aim

All of our teachers and everything the Pilates Teacher Schooling Methodology we imbibe inside our Teacher Courses has a single aim that is certainly to ensure that at the conclusion of the course the searchers should uncover themselves while the teachers. Teaching is known as a higher and deeper way of learning which usually comes only if the finder learns to unconditionally trust, believe and surrender towards the guru. The teachers did so in their guru’s and that we install the same trust, idea and feelings of surrender in our pupils. We request all the searchers to experience this Divine Course of Hatha Yoga with Shiva Shakti Yoga inside the land from where that originates India.

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